Call a Special Session: We’re NOT Going Away!!!

If you were wondering why our civil servants aren’t standing in compliance to the oath they took to uphold our rights and protect them from infringement… it’s because they serve a different master.

We The People want Medical Freedom! This isn’t politics people, this is personal. It’s time these Senators show that they SERVE the citizens of Nebraska ONLY!

Share far and wide. Contact these civil servants TODAY and demand a special session. Their timely response will determine our next course of action.

Be on the lookout if they don’t sign on by end of day for next steps in holding our civil servants accountable.

Our voices WILL be heard.


Published by Nebraskans Against Government Overreach

Nebraskans Against Government Overreach is a grassroots group dedicated to halting the government overreach affecting citizens across Nebraska, preserving the Liberty of Nebraskans and raising public awareness on informed consent and individual civil rights.

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