Keeping Government Accountable

The last few weeks have been a roller coaster of mandates, no mandates, calls for special session, maybe calls, no calls, every day a different story. They do this on purpose. Constantly shifting the blame so you don’t know where to focus. So, let’s look at what the LEGISLATURE, the GOVERNOR, and YOU can doContinue reading “Keeping Government Accountable”


It’s that time again, that we #riseUp and join the Hardworking Americans here in the Omaha metro. Union Pacific Railroad and Kiewit Corporation among many other employers have taken the authoritarian position of implementing mandates on their employees. We at Nebraskans Against Government Overreach are answering the community’s call to action and will stand withContinue reading “UNION PACIFIC, KIEWIT AND NE EMPLOYERS!!”

Keep on!

Keep reaching out! Keep making your voices heard!! Email! Call! Join us at every opportunity to stand up for our freedom! We need a special session! We are not going away until protections are in place to prevent medical discrimination in society! #NAGO #PreservingOurLiberty #RiseUp #noMandates Reminder!!! Looking Forward We’ve recently added the Convention ofContinue reading “Keep on!”

A Message from Allie French

Good afternoon NAGO Members, many have reached out in the past asking how they can help! We now have another opportunity for YOU to do just that!!! Do you have any interest in stepping up as a leader for NAGO? It is time I switch gears slightly to forming my campaign and could use someContinue reading “A Message from Allie French”

State Board of Education – Endorsement

With the recent news of Patricia Timm’s resignation for the State Board of Education, we at Nebraskans Against Government Overreach would like to express our support of Robert Borer as an exceptional replacement for the now vacant seat in District 5. Robert is a Retired Fire Captain, Inaugural Recipient of the Congressional Public Safety OfficerContinue reading “State Board of Education – Endorsement”

Call a Special Session!

Local Healthcare Workers are having their Religious AND Medical exemptions denied today, mainly by various CHI Health hospitals and clinics across the metro area. Governor Pete Ricketts, Nebraskans NEED a special session. We need protections from the medical and religious discrimination taking place across our state. While we hear from dozens of individuals, don’t thinkContinue reading “Call a Special Session!”

LPS Board Meeting 10.12

Reminder Lincoln families!!! School Board Meeting is next Tuesday, October 12th at 6pm! We all feel it. It is much easier for our paid opposition to show up and vote against us while we continue to sacrifice time and time again. Our duty remains however. The need for our presence continues to grow and weContinue reading “LPS Board Meeting 10.12”

Oct 9 • NE Freedom Rally

It’s rally time again!!! This Saturday will be a little different… in all the right ways 😉 check it out 👇 Facebook Event Page We will begin with a rally at the State Capitol on the north steps from 1-4pm Bring your American Flags, Signs for Medical Freedom/Call A Special Session, plenty of drink &Continue reading “Oct 9 • NE Freedom Rally”

Facebook, Instagram, What’s App are all down!

If you hadn’t noticed, there is a blackout on the big tech social media platforms and potential talk of difficulties on Telegram as well. Fortunately! Allie French is also the technical director for a newly released social media platform, ! TLBTalk does not participate in big tech censorship. We are fully member funded, soContinue reading “Facebook, Instagram, What’s App are all down!”

Preserving Our Liberty

As Fauci continues to present us with ridiculous recommendations for handling a majorly benign viral infection, we want to take this opportunity to remind you that NAGO will be holding their annual community Christmas party in the first couple weeks of December! Keep an eye out! For the last couple of years we have hadContinue reading “Preserving Our Liberty”