Wednesday, February 1, 2023 • LB626 ProLife • Room 1525 – Health and Human Services Committee

Room 1525 – 1:30 PM SUPPORT: LB626Introducer: Albrecht, J.Contact: Description: Adopt the Nebraska Heartbeat Act If you cannot join us in person, please submit online testimony, comments must be submitted by January 31st at noon! View the bill and Submit online comments here: ALSO Email the Health and Human Services Committee!!!!Health and Human Services Committee Members:Sen. Ben Hansen,Continue reading “Wednesday, February 1, 2023 • LB626 ProLife • Room 1525 – Health and Human Services Committee”

Call to Action: LB77 Constitutional Carry • Talking Points

LB77 Constitutional Carry – Public Hearing set 1.26 at 1:30PM – Room 1113 – Judiciary Committee Provide for carrying of concealed handguns without a permit, change provisions relating to concealed weapons, and prohibit certain regulation of weapons by cities, villages, and counties View the bill and submit online comments to the record here:*Comments mustContinue reading “Call to Action: LB77 Constitutional Carry • Talking Points”

NAGOs Key Focus Legislation

Nebraskans Against Government Overreach has selected 20 Legislative Bills to support and 10 Legislative Bills to oppose! While we’re happy to provide our 2 cents on each bill in our weekly schedule, when sharing testimony, it is most important that you share YOUR own story!!! *In order to facilitate public input on legislation, a featureContinue reading “NAGOs Key Focus Legislation”

NAGO Weekly Schedule: Updates, Contacts, Announcements

NEBRASKA Legislative Hearing Schedule • Sunday January 22, 2023 to Saturday February 28, 2023 Monday Jan 23, 2023 EducationRoom 1525 – 1:30 PM SUPPORT: LB188Introducer: Hansen, B.Description: Authorize the Commissioner of Education to issue temporary certificates to teach to veterans as prescribed View the bill and Submit online comments here: Email the Education Committee!!!!Education Committee Members:Sen. DaveContinue reading “NAGO Weekly Schedule: Updates, Contacts, Announcements”

End of the Introductions! Over 800 Bill!!!

Today completed the 10th day of the Nebraska Legislative Session. There are (( 812 )) bills that were introduced in total!!! Full list of introduced Legislation can be found here: Committee hearings begin Monday, January 23rd Make sure you’re signed up at or following along here as we work through each of theContinue reading “End of the Introductions! Over 800 Bill!!!”

Mom’s for Liberty – Douglas County

Calling all Douglas County Parents!!! The Moms for Liberty – Douglas County, NE are busy organizing to stand up for OUR kids across the county, in every district! They need YOU to stand up with them! Tonight was a great meeting discussing recent school board meetings (Super congrats to Brittany Holtmeyer for her election toContinue reading “Mom’s for Liberty – Douglas County”

Call to Action – Support LB77 – Constitutional Carry

There is an effort underway to request that county sheriffs write brief letters declaring their support for LB77, Senator Tom Brewer’s constitutional carry bill. If anyone would like to help, please consider contacting your local sheriff and ask them to write a letter of support. If you are successful in getting one, please forward itContinue reading “Call to Action – Support LB77 – Constitutional Carry”

LR24CA: Info. Contacts. NAGO Interview

NAGO founder and leader, Allie French, interviewed with KLNTV to discuss LR24CA which would eliminate the State Board of Education. During discussion over the past couple years, and even as recent as last week, NAGO members are majorly in favor of disbanding the SBOE and returning control to the local school districts. You can watchContinue reading “LR24CA: Info. Contacts. NAGO Interview”

LB374: Info, Contacts, NAGO Interview

Scheduled hearings aren’t quite out yet, but there have been several bills over the last week that have especially struck our interest! Today we want to highlight LB374, a bill introduced by Senator Murman, the Parental Rights and Academic Transparency Act. Yesterday, our founder, Allie French, was given the opportunity to interview with KETV aboutContinue reading “LB374: Info, Contacts, NAGO Interview”