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Featured Calls to Action

Nebraskans Against Government Overreach has selected 30 legislative bills to focus our efforts! There are 20 bills to focus our support and an additional 10 to focus our opposition. Of course, there are many other bills worth making your position known, we will continue to include those bills in our Weekly Schedules posted in the Announcements tab, on Facebook, and our Telegram Chat.

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NAGO: Announcements

LB574 Moves FORWARD!!!

The debate was back on for LB574 today. Each of the Democrat senators, fighting for the mutilation of Nebraska children, is taking turns putting forth motions to bracket the bill, ranting, and then pulling the motion. The theatrics continued… these…

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The Republicans made their move!!!

It’s been an action packed day!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸The liberals were triggered; they certainly objected to the camera scanning over when they started disrespectfully laughing while Senator Von Gillern spoke, and Hunt went off the deepend as the Republicans took strategic action…

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Actions YOU can take MOVE the Legislature!!!

We mean business!!! URGENT CALL TO ACTION Republican Senators need to hear from YOU! Please contact the conservative senators and ask them to take a course of action that allows us to push through quality legislation. Nebraska Grassroots have been…

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The LAST WEEK of Public Hearings!!! NAGOs Weekly Schedule

Hearing Schedule • Sunday March 19, 2023 to Saturday March 25, 2023 Tuesday March 21, 2023 EducationRoom 1525 – 1:30 PMSUPPORT: LB177Introducer: ErdmanDescription: Adopt the My Student, My Choice Act* If you cannot join us in person, please submit online testimony, comments must…

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The biggest call to action yet!!!

The call to action you’ve been waiting for!!! Make those calls and send those emails!!! Wondering why the filibuster halted so abruptly?!Deals have been struck and LB574 (Let Them Grow) and LB575 (Sports and Spaces) are in jeopardy!!! LB626 (the…

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Power of We the People yall!!! 🇺🇸💪🔥

Well look at that! Nebraska wants competent teachers!!! 4 comments submitted in support and 69 opposed to Vargas’s bill LB724, which would eliminate a competency requirement for teaching certification in Nebraska. Stunned, Vargas insists it’s just eliminating a “barrier”… his…

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CORRECTION: Urgent Action NEEDED!!! Support LB575

Your URGENT Action is Needed!!!Please call/email Senator Arch and encourage his support for LB575 – we need his YES Vote to pass through Committee and have a full debate on the floor!!! We need his help to #ProtectNebraskaStudentsEmail: jarch@leg.ne.gov Phone:…

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Disclaimer: NAGO is a grassroots group with zero political or corporate affiliation – we are not a formally organized or registered group – we are a free assembly of We The People of Nebraska. Our group is not the thoughts or actions of one person. This is a group intended to facilitate We The People’s dedication to Preserving our Liberty.

Membership of this group is contingent on being peaceful, respectful and fully law abiding – this is not to be confused with weakness nor compliance with unjust, unconstitutional rulings implemented by corrupt public officials.

***Any actions that are not peaceful, respectful or fully law abiding are grounds for immediate disassociation from the group.

NAGO is an inclusive group, however, an overwhelming portion of our members are conservative Christians. We fully support Medical Freedom, 2nd Amendment Rights, Individual and Parental Rights, Pro-Life (Baby’s God-Given Right to Life), Religious Freedom, Freedom of Speech, Birth Rights, and so on.

***We fully support others’ right to disagree, but let it be known, we do not make claims, statements or take a stance on a topic without ample evidence and thought to support it and take no issue with having a constructive discussion.