Many Nebraskans recognize the attempt to overthrow the Constitution of this great country. Our rights have been systematically removed over the last several decades and TODAY our government’s overreach has come to a tipping point. It is now time to Unite to Rise up and to Get Involved!
#NAGO #PreservingOurLiberty #RiseUp

NAGO: Announcements


Good evening NAGO Members, community members, and the general public! We are glad to have each and every one of you here. Our goal is to halt the government overreach within the state of Nebraksa. That can mean many things to…

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A Patriots Christmas!

Order now and get it just in time for Christmas!!! What better way to raise awareness, than the whole family wearing our message! Use promo HOLIDAY15 and get 15% off!!! #NAGO #PreservingOurLiberty #Shirts #Hoodies #Backpacks #KidsandAdults *Find more apparel on our…

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The Hill to Die On.

Over the past several years we have helped countless Nebraskans and even others outside the state following vaccine injuries and individuals with community calls to action. More recently our help has been dedicated to helping people avoid losing their livelihoods and…

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Happy Thanksgiving

To all of our members and community members we hope you all have a wonderful weekend with family and friends! Celebrate an Early Christmas on Dec 11th with Nebraskans Against Government Overreach Dec 11th • 4-9pm • Omaha RSVP to AllieFrench@nago.group…

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NAGO Rescinds Our Support

Nebraskans Against Government Overreach has come to the unanimous determination that we must formally rescind our support for Michael Connely as the next Governor of Nebraksa. *Disclaimer: The loss of NAGO support does not equate to the exclusion from future NAGO…

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Nationwide Freedom & MMAMV Rally

Thank you to all whom made it out today!!! What a wonderful turn out and the weather was amazing. We had several groups unite for a day of raising awareness to halt the agenda mandate. We The Parents – Nebraska, Freedom…

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TOMORROW! NE Freedom & MMAMV Rally

Exemptions are revoked.Civil liberties violated. Patients are refused care.Discrimination in care. Employees are threatened and coerced.Segregatory Rules and Regulations. Children are used to fuel an agenda.Abuse of power over the innocent. Americans are losing their livelihoods.No Mandates in a Free Country!…

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Election Integrity

Every single person on the face of this earth, with any ounce of awareness of America’s politics, KNOWS there was fraud in the 2020 Presidential Election. Regardless of who the actual winner would have been, the FACT of the matter is…

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Disclaimer: NAGO is a grassroots group with zero political or corporate affiliation – we are not a formally organized or registered group – we are a free assembly of We The People of Nebraska. Our group is not the thoughts or actions of one person. This is a group intended to facilitate We The People’s dedication to Preserving our Liberty.

Membership of this group is contingent on being peaceful, respectful and fully law abiding – this is not to be confused with weakness nor compliance with unjust, unconstitutional rulings implemented by corrupt public officials.

***Any actions that are not peaceful, respectful or fully law abiding are grounds for immediate disassociation from the group.

NAGO is an inclusive group, however, an overwhelming portion of our members are conservative Christians. We fully support Medical Freedom, 2nd Amendment Rights, Individual and Parental Rights, Pro-Life (Baby’s God-Given Right to Life), Religious Freedom, Freedom of Speech, Birth Rights, and so on.

***We fully support others’ right to disagree, but let it be known, we do not make claims, statements or take a stance on a topic without ample evidence and thought to support it and take no issue with having a constructive discussion.