NAGO Timeline

Nebraskans Against Government Overreach is dedicated to being present and giving a voice to “We The People”. We have hosted rallies, meetings, and events with the goal of fostering a strong and independent community. As well, we have attended City Council meetings, Board meetings and Committee hearings across the great state of Nebraska with the sole goal of halting government overreach and preserving our liberty.

LB906 – Requires Employers to Accept an Exemption for the Covid-19 Injection – Public Hearing

Thursday Jan 27th NAGO and Nebraskans gave testimony in support of LB906. This bill would require employers to accept an exemption for the covid-19 injection.
Allie discussed the need for guidelines if the legislature is going to tell employers that they can require PPE and testing; it MUST be FDA approved & they MUST accept liability.
Lauren and Patrice shared their ongoing case against Creighton for the Religious Discrimination they’ve experienced.

Several others echoed the sentiments of 100s of thousands of Nebraskans that have been subjected to vaccine mandates and been denied, punished, and or terminated from employment.

#NAGO #PreservingOurLiberty #RiseUp #LB906 #noMandates #FreedomForAll

Guest Appearance on the War Room with Owen Shroyer


Rally to END the Mandate 1.24

NAGO held a short rally outside the County Courthouse to oppose the Mask Mandate implemented by Lindsay Huse. The Attorney General had a hearing at 10am calling for an injunction. Both Omaha World Herald and KETV interviewed us while raising awareness.

Liberate Our Children Rally 1.24

Following several parents reaching out about Elkhorn Public Schools refusing exemptions and ultimately suspending good students for a personal medical decision, NAGO helped organize a rally to raise awareness to the local community.

1.22.2022 NE Freedom Rally

NAGO hosted the NE Freedom Rally in conjunction with the World Wide Freedom Rallies and in opposition to the local Omaha Mask Mandate imposed by an unelected bureaucrat.

We will continue to stand up, speak out, and be present in all fights to preserve our liberty and prevent overreaching agendas.

Our NE Freedom Rallies continue to be a positive experience. The support always far outweighs any negative responses from people passing by. This rally we even had the support of a few high school students claiming to hold very polar opposite views. Despite their obvious attempt to get a rise out of us, we continued to enjoy our raising of awareness and simply kept an eye out to ensure they didn’t run off with our signs. (Yeah, they tried a few times.)

LB773 – Constitutional Carry Public Hearing

Senator Brewer introduced LB773 which would permit carrying a concealed handgun across the entire state of Nebraska. There was a lot of phenomenal testimony from expert witnesses, local 2A Leaders, and community members.

Testimony from Nebraska Firearm Owners Association President, Patricia Harold, LB773 Supporting Testimony

LB774 – Adopt the First Freedom Act – Supporting Testimony

Opening Statement from Senator Brewer for LB774 on Jan 19th 2022. There was plenty of support for LB774, most of which seemed to be from minority groups that have experienced or wish not to experience religious persecution.

Listen to Proponent Testimoney, as well as supporting testimony from Allie French (NAGO), Mark Bonkiewicz (NFFV), and Greg Chafun (NFA).

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