February 19th 2021

Health & Human Services Committee Hearing (LB637)

February 19th 2021 members of NAGO spoke before the Health & Human Services Committee at the Capitol in Lincoln NE in OPPOSITION to LB637 which would allow unelected Boards of Health impose mandates on the community in response to infectious disease. Senator Vargas and the local Public Health officials, including Adi Pour PhD, have worked together to present this bill so that she, and others in her position, can gain more power and control over our day to day lives. Just recently, at the last public hearing at the Omaha City Council for the mask mandate, Adi Pour stated that she doesn’t think we should question the experts, that if they say so – that’s good enough for her. Our government has proven it will create an emergency to gain more control – LB637 is a prime example of this medical tyranny.

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