NAGO Handouts

Over the past year NAGO has distributed info cards to over 3000 people across Omaha and surrounding cities in order to provide informed consent.

Our media, public health officials and government has only delivered one narrative when it comes to information surrounding the current restrictions and guidelines set forth on the public.

This has left us with a sense of responsibility to provide the information that our public servants have failed to make readily accessible for the general public.

To that end we will continue to produce additional informational and educational material and work to distribute it far and wide.

In an effort to raise awareness about the precedent that the Mask Mandates create for our local communities NAGO teams up with MMAMV. You can read about our Omaha MMAMV Freedom Rally October 2020 on the NAGO Timeline page.

Our goal is to continue to distribute informational material to as many citizens as we can across the state of Nebraska – to that end we continue to print new handouts to share!!!

Feel free to Save and Share!! Or, have them printed out on convenient 4x6in cards.

Please consider donating to our efforts and we will have these handouts printed and distributed throughout Omaha and the surrounding areas:

NEW Handouts

NAGO has produced a NEW set of handouts for the dissemination of information across the state of Nebraska!

Among these handouts, we cover Mask info, Covid-19 Injections, Mandate Agenda, Business Responsibility, Candidate Vetting, Keeping Government Accountable, 2nd Amendment Rights, and Election Integrity!