February 4th 2021

Health & Human Services Committee Hearing (LB643 & LB447)

Nebraskans Against Government Overreach and many patriots from across the great state of Nebraska showed up in full force to SUPPORT LB643 – a piece of legislation that we can’t begin to thank Senator Hansen for proposing that aims to protect our freedom of choice should a vaccine mandate be imposed. With societies current climate, we know that possibility isn’t far off. #noMandates#NAGO#PreservingOurLiberty

The one and only opponent to LB643, Patricia Lopez, the once illegitimate health director of Lincoln, NE. She touched up on the propaganda on measles, polio, etc – the mundane arguments used in favor of medical tyranny.

LB447 was a bill to remove an exemption and require digital reporting by licensed childcare providers. The first step in a medical dictatorship. Senator Machaela Cavanaugh introduced this bill and further displayed the unhinged and uneducated decisions.

Following up the one and only proponent many of us also spoke in OPPOSITION to LB447. The misguided notion of the people pushing for this legislation fell short as our testimony far outweighed the support. The pressure of the public in response to LB447s intent to remove exemptions caused a clamor to amend the bill before it even made it to the public hearing. No matter the amendments, this bill needs to go.

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