Call to Action for Election Integrity! (LB535)

Word on the street, Voter ID may be in jeopardy of being watered down. Unfortunately, no one has been willing to share the draft work until it’s already being debated on the floor, so this can’t be confirmed or corrected. So, let’s be clear. We all know what Nebraskans voted for. It’s really not thatContinue reading “Call to Action for Election Integrity! (LB535)”

LB77 PASSED the Final Vote!!!

On to the Governor’s desk for signing on Tuesday at 2pm (Open to the public). LB77 PASSES!!! Congratulations, Senator Tom Brewer on successfully upholding our second amendment rights here in Nebraska!!! Thank you to Nebraska Firearms Owners Association and the many other groups and Nebraskans that have shown up and made their voices heard!!! Congrats,Continue reading “LB77 PASSED the Final Vote!!!”

URGENT! Constitutional Carry (LB77) is BACK!

First thing tomorrow morning, LB77 is back on the schedule! Come join us on the balcony in support!!! Debate is likely to begin about 9:15am, there is 2hrs left of debate and the final vote should take place a little after 11am! #NAGO #PreservingOurLiberty #Support2A Feel free to send our Senators a quick email ofContinue reading “URGENT! Constitutional Carry (LB77) is BACK!”

Law Enforcement Rally

A lovely afternoon for a Rally in support of our Law Enforcement! It’s good to see Suzanne Geist for Mayor taking a stand for Lincoln Police Department and the citizens of our Capitol city. The live steam of the event can be viewed here: Also, a huge thanks to Sheriff CJ Smith for yourContinue reading “Law Enforcement Rally”

Law Enforcement Rally

From Sowers Liberty: 4/14/2023FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASERet. Col. Tom Nesbit Announces Law Enforcement Rally in Support of Local PoliceLincoln, Nebraska – Ret. Col. Tom Nesbit, a former head of the Nebraska State Highway Patrol and longtime community activist, is pleased to announce a rally in support of local law enforcement. The event will take place onContinue reading “Law Enforcement Rally”

A HUGE Win!!! #ThankfulThursday

Where to start… oh yeah.. big fat baby tears from the libs. After nearly a full day of harassment from the opposition, from being recorded 2in away from your face, having a gang of people jump in on a conversation and entirely derail a legitimate conversation, posting about us, and yelling at us in theContinue reading “A HUGE Win!!! #ThankfulThursday”

BIG ACTION ITEMS THIS WEEK!!! Government Transparency & Heartbeat Act Coming Up!!!

Due to the continued filibuster, we can expect to finally get to LB254 on Tuesday. LB254 would require a digital archive of the legislative hearings and debate to be provided online. If you have some free time tomorrow, come join us at the Capitol on the balcony to show support for transparency of our government!!!Continue reading “BIG ACTION ITEMS THIS WEEK!!! Government Transparency & Heartbeat Act Coming Up!!!”

Updated and Calls to Action at the Unicameral

On today’s agenda, LB 254: Require the Legislative Council to develop and maintain a publicly accessible digital internet archive of close captioned video coverage of the Legislature and change powers and duties of the NE Educational Telecommunications Commission. This is one of the Top Legislation picked by NAGO to SUPPORT!! It is only reasonable thatContinue reading “Updated and Calls to Action at the Unicameral”

The Update You’ve Been Waiting For!!! LB77 is BACK ON!!!

LB77, Constitutional Carry, is back on the schedule following a motion on the rules and finishing up first round of debate on LB276. Side note: check out that motion to suspend the rules! This proposed rule change would prevent the democrats from continuing the filibuster by motioning to bracket a bill over and over again.Continue reading “The Update You’ve Been Waiting For!!! LB77 is BACK ON!!!”

LB574 Moves FORWARD!!!

The debate was back on for LB574 today. Each of the Democrat senators, fighting for the mutilation of Nebraska children, is taking turns putting forth motions to bracket the bill, ranting, and then pulling the motion. The theatrics continued… these senators insist that the supporters of LB574 are the bullies… for the last two days,Continue reading “LB574 Moves FORWARD!!!”