Two Days. One Chance. Let’s Go!

We are down to the wire!!!


We’re not done yet!

First, the serious portion… this is in fact a life or death situation. That’s how serious this is. ALL pharmaceutical products have side effects, that is a fact. There is also SOMEONE, SOMEWHERE that is allergic to everything. When we mandate a pharmaceutical product we are condemning SOME people to in fact die. Where there is a risk, there must be a choice.

Our country was founded on the premise that our government’s job is to ensure the civil liberties of the smallest minority, the individual, and to prevent majority groups from removing their rights. No matter the situation, with the exception of physical war, no emergency supersedes our civil liberties.

Our civil servants are required to come to work in order to uphold the oath they chose to accept. The must provide We the People the opportunity for protections from unconstitutional mandates BEFORE tens if not hundreds of thousands of Nebraskans lose their livelihoods.

In the past two days we have had several Senators flip because YOU have made our voices heard! Please continue to contact your Senator and each of the Senators on the target list.

We expect Senators Williams and Hilkemann to join the list of supporters for a special session. Please continue to share with them why their support is imperative.

However, our pressure, uniting the working class, WORKS!!! If we are willing to sacrifice our time now, to make this a priority, we can impact the change required to implement the protections we need.

Grand Island residents, please focus your time and energy on teaching Senator Aguilar. His heart is not open to our goal for medical freedom at this time, but we cannot give up on him. Our hope is that persistence will show the urgency and need.


P: 402.471.2617

We encourage those of you in the area to push for an immediate meeting to address the urgency of our message expressed above. As well, if anyone is inclined to organize a protest today, Thursday or Friday, we are happy to help you organize!

Feel free to contact Allie French with questions:

Lincoln, Seward and West Nebraskan residents, please focus your time and energy on Senator Kolterman and Stinner.


P: 402.471.2756


P: 402.471.2802

We encourage those of you in the area to push for an immediate meeting to address the urgency of our message expressed above. As well, if anyone is inclined to organize a protest today, Thursday or Friday, we are happy to help you organize!

Feel free to contact Allie French with questions:

Omaha area residents please continue to focus your time and energy on Senators Pahls and Mckinney.


P: 402.471.2327


P: 402.471.2612

These two are tough ones. Pahls, formerly the Omaha City Council member that voted for the mask mandate in 2020, now stands silent on his position.

Mckinney however has been vocal about his non-urgency regarding our call for a special session to address the infringement of our civil liberties.

What is unfortunate is that he draws correlations that are not true. He assumes our position on topics that need addressing and shouldn’t negate the urgency of the 10s or 100s of thousands of Nebraskans who’s livelihoods are in jeopardy due to unconstitutional medical mandates.

Keeping their communities needs in mind when communicating with Senator Mckinney and even Senator Wayne may go a long way in helping them understand that this is not a political agenda. This is personal.

Keep a close eye Thursday morning.

We will be protesting in the Omaha area around 4pm at a location to be determined. When those details are set we will make sure to post that information across platforms.

To ensure you don’t miss out on this vital effort, feel free to directly contact Allie French at or on Facebook messenger or Telegram!

Keep Calling & Emailing!!!

We cannot let up! Now is the time for double-time. The deadline for our Senators to uphold their duty to We the People and join the call for special session is this Friday, Oct 29th – time is of the essence!


We at Nebraskans Against Government Overreach are joining Freedom Rally USA and any other local grassroots group at the Capitol for the Nationwide Walkout.

Everyone is to NOT go to work.

Everyone is to NOT send their kid to school.

Even if you are not yet affected by the mandate agenda, join us on solidarity with your neighbor. Stand with us for those who are persecuted today so that others are not persecuted tomorrow.

We invite ALL Senators who will do more than just sign a pretty paper but actually stand with We the People, in the trenches, to join us on the steps in support of a special to session and to stand firmly against the mandate agenda.

There will be speakers beginning about 1230pm on the North Steps. Come join us!

A few weeks down the road we will be rallying together for a nationwide freedom rally and millions march against mandatory vaccination. These events are for ALL who stand for the freedom of bodily autonomy. You may be for masks, or not, for shots, or not. At the end of the day you either stand for Medical Freedom or Medical Tyranny.

“If people let the government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls who live under tyranny.” 

— Thomas Jefferson

Donate today and help support our many efforts towards #PreservingOurLiberty

Published by Allie French

Founder & Leader of Nebraskans Against Government Overreach a grassroots group dedicated to halting the government overreach affecting citizens across Nebraska, preserving the Liberty of Nebraskans and raising public awareness on informed consent and individual civil rights. Co-Founder of Millions March Against Mandatory Vaccination

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