LB374: Info, Contacts, NAGO Interview

Scheduled hearings aren’t quite out yet, but there have been several bills over the last week that have especially struck our interest!

Today we want to highlight LB374, a bill introduced by Senator Murman, the Parental Rights and Academic Transparency Act. Yesterday, our founder, Allie French, was given the opportunity to interview with KETV about this bill. Unfortunately, as is the case most times, it wasn’t nearly enough time to express all of the most important details.

Watch Here:

Before we dive into the nitty gritty of the bill, first and foremost, we want to give a huge shoutout to Senator Murman for taking such a strong stand on behalf of students, parents, and teachers! We also want to recognize the huge impact and amount of work put in by Protect Nebraska Children, and other various groups and concerned parents. This bill is extremely thorough and very well constructed, leaving no room for loopholes or questions of when and how to handle a situation.

Now, lets get into the bill which:

Enforces the creation of a process to handle complaints/concerns from the parents of students

Provides accountability and transparency of the schools and administrators to the parents and legal guardians through items such as the provision of a “parent portal”

Requires the timely distribution of information to parents and legal guardians on all school activities their students will be required to participate in

Provides families protection of deeply held religious and moral beliefs

Prohibits individuals of any race, ethnicity, color, or national origin from being made inherently superior or inferior

Provides transparency of learning materials as well as school library content

This bill does not:

Prohibit discussion of history, including the the events or ideas that occurred

Prevent teachers from doing their job, in fact it gives them the protection from repercussions should the curriculum or any material violate their strongly held beliefs

This is a solid bill that protects all students, parents rights, and the teachers. We expect it will be assigned to the education committee. If you have questions, comments, or concerns feel free to reach out to the following:

Sponsor of Bill: Senator Murman,

Email or Call the Education Committtee:

Sen. Dave Murman, Chairperson,
Sen. Joni Albrecht,
Sen. Tom Briese,
Sen. Danielle Conrad,
Sen. Lou Ann Linehan,
Sen. Rita Sanders,
Sen. Lynne Walz,
Sen. Justin Wayne,

LB374 Murman Introduction – Adopt the Parents’ Bill of Rights and Academic Transparency Act

Introduced by Murman, 38; Albrecht, 17; Brewer, 43; Clements, 2; Erdman, 47; Halloran, 33; Hansen, B., 16; Holdcroft, 36; Lippincott, 34; Moser, 22

Don’t see your Senator listed above?!

Contact them today and encourage them to sign on as a cosponsor!!!


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