Weekly Schedule: NE Introduced Legislation 2023

Introduced Legislation to the NE Unicameral. So far there have been approx. 278 bills, and a dozen or so resolutions and Constitutional amendments introduced. We will continue to follow along as additional legislation is added. Below we have highlighted the bills that pertain to our efforts and values and those brought to our attention by concerned Nebraskans, NAGO members, and other group leaders.

Note: the legislation below has not yet been assigned to a committee. At this point in time, if you wish to voice your thoughts, opinions, or concerns, please email or call the introducing Legislator, co-sponsor(s), and/or your district representatives. As legislation is assigned to a committee and hits the legislative schedule for its hearing NAGO will provide updated instructions.

* = initial commentary/position (subject to change as new information is gathered)

Current legislation of interest: (last updated: 1.10.2023)

NO* LB3 Sanders Referral Change provisions for tax levies for bonds issued by political subdivisions

UNEEDED* LB4 Sanders Referral – Change homestead exemption provisions relating to qualifications, application requirements, and penalties

LB5 Blood Referral – Provide for compensability under Nebraska Workers’ Compensation Act for mental injuries resulting from workplace violence

NO* LB6 Blood Referral – Prohibit conditional use permits and zoning exceptions for delinquent property taxpayers

NO* LB8 Blood Referral – Change provisions of the Mobile Home Landlord and Tenant Act and provide for certificates of title and liens for abandoned mobile homes

LB9 Blood Referral – Change independent expenditure reporting requirements and require electioneering reporting

YES* LB12 Blood Referral – Create the Nebraska Human Breast Milk Bank

LB13 Blood Referral – Require coverage of human breast milk under Medical Assistance

YES* LB17 Dungan Referral – Authorize possession of a firearm on school grounds by a full-time, off-duty law enforcement officer

LB18 Wayne Referral – Provide for motions for new trial based on newly discovered evidence

LB20 Wayne Referral – Provide for restoration of voting rights upon completion of a felony sentence or probation for a felony

LB21 Wayne Referral – Change provisions relating to the city council of a city of the metropolitan class

YES* LB22 Wayne Referral – Decriminalize use and possession of marijuana

NO* LB25 Wayne ReferralAuthorize punitive damages as prescribed and provide for distribution
*encourages government overreach

SURE* LB27 Dungan Referral – Change provisions relating to appointment of counsel for defendants

SURE* LB28 Erdman Referral – Change provisions relating to decisions on appeals under the Tax Equalization and Review Commission Act

SURE* LB29 Erdman Referral – Change provisions relating to the assessment of real property that suffers significant property damage

YES* LB33 Jacobson Referral – Change provisions relating to the powers of mayors in certain cities and eliminate obsolete 2020 redistricting provisions

LB34 Dungan Referral – Provide for a presumption of disposition under the Nebraska Juvenile Code for crimes committed by defendants under eighteen years of age and change the definition of juvenile under the code

NO* LB40 Blood Referral – Adopt the Riparian and Water Quality Practices Act

Not sure about this* LB41 Hansen, B. Referral – Prohibit state agencies from imposing annual filing and reporting requirements on charitable organizations

YES* LB43 Sanders Referral – Require hearing officers and judges to interpret statutes and regulations to limit agency power and maximize individual liberty

LB45 Dorn Referral – Create the Revitalize Rural Nebraska Grant Fund

NO* LB49 Dungan Referral – Change provisions relating to solar energy and wind energy, declare certain instruments void and unenforceable, and provide for a civil cause of action

NO* LB50 Geist Referral – Change criminal justice provisions including set-asides, restitution, and parole; create criminal justice pilot programs; terminate an oversight committee; and create a task force

UNEEDED* LB54 McKinney Referral – Require the office of Legislative Research to prepare racial impact statements for legislative bills

LB61 Brandt Referral – Authorize leasing of dark fiber and eliminate certain powers of the Public Service Commission

LB64 Day Referral – Require the Department of Health and Human Services to provide notice in certain cases of child abuse and neglect

LB70 Cavanaugh, M. Referral – Eliminate the fee for certain state identification cards and certified copies of birth certificates for voting purposes
*If we can’t hand ballots out like candy, let’s do it with IDs?

YES* LB71 Sanders Referral – Change provisions relating to parental involvement in and access to learning materials in schools

LB75 Vargas Introduction – Provide for review of incidents of severe maternal morbidity

YES* LB77 Brewer Referral – Provide for carrying of concealed handguns without a permit, change provisions relating to concealed weapons, and prohibit certain regulation of weapons by cities, villages, and counties

YES* LB79 Erdman Referral – Adopt the Nebraska EPIC Option Consumption Tax Act

NO* LB87 Hunt Referral – Allow persons eighteen years of age to make health care decisions and persons under nineteen years of age in correctional facilities to consent to medical and mental health care

LB89 Hunt Referral – Repeal provisions stating that surrogate parenthood contracts are void and unenforceable

NO* LB97 Clements Referral – Change provisions relating to required reports for inheritance tax

LB99 Cavanaugh, M. Introduction – Adopt the Hunger-Free Schools Act

LB106 McDonnell Introduction – Create the offense of digital grooming of a vulnerable adult and prohibit using an electronic communication device or social media to engage in certain conduct with vulnerable adults

LB107, introduced by Omaha Sen. Mike McDonnell, which would create the offense of digital grooming and prohibit using an electronic communication device or social media to engage in certain conduct with minors;

LB108 McDonnell Introduction – State intent regarding appropriations to the Department of Health and Human Services for community health centers

LB112 McDonnell Introduction – State intent regarding appropriations to the Department of Health and Human Services for child advocacy centers

LB115 Raybould Introduction – Adopt the Family Home Visitation Act

LB114 Vargas Introduction – State intent to appropriate funds to the Department of Health and Human Services for evidence-based early intervention home visitation programs

LB123 Fredrickson Introduction – Adopt the Behavior Analyst Practice Act

LB126 Day Introduction – Change provisions relating to homestead exemptions
*how many veterans do we have in the state , who would even need this? It’s not bad but it seems unneeded, could be wrong.

LB128 Dorn Introduction – State intent regarding appropriations to the Department of Health and Human Services

YES* LB133, sponsored by Sen. John Cavanaugh of Omaha, which would provide that entities exercising the power of eminent domain are subject to the Open Meetings Act;

YES* LB134 Cavanaugh, J.Referral – Provide requirements under the Small Wireless Facilities Deployment Act

NO* LB136 Geist Referral – Change provisions relating to the Motor Vehicle Certificate of Title Act, the Motor Vehicle Registration Act, and the Motor Vehicle Operator’s License Act

UNEEDED* LB169 Hunt Referral – Prohibit discrimination based upon sexual orientation and gender identity

YES* LB177 Erdman Referral – Adopt the My Student, My Choice Act

YES* LB178 Erdman Referral – Require display of the national motto in schools

LB179 Fredrickson Referral – Prohibit conversion therapy

LB181 Hansen, B. Referral – Provide for filling and refilling prescriptions in certain circumstances

LB189 Kauth Referral – Change and provide exemptions for natural hair braiding and natural hairstyling

LB192 Halloran Referral – Change the definition of household income for homestead exemptions

YES* LB193 Halloran Referral – Provide requirements for voting systems under the Election Act

YES* LB194 Halloran Referral – Adopt the Second Amendment Preservation Act

LB195 Halloran Referral – Adopt the Faithful Delegate to Federal Article V Convention Act

NO* LB202 Walz Referral – Provide for vaccine administration by pharmacy technicians

YES* LB228 Erdman Introduction – Create state holidays for statewide primary and general election days, require in-person voting, photographic identification to vote, counting of ballots on election day, and counting of ballots at the precinct level, and allow voting by mail for registered military personnel and residents of nursing homes and assisted-living facilities

YES* LB230 Erdman Introduction – Require qualifying identification for voter registration and voting, require in-person voting, provide penalties, eliminate certain fees for state identification cards and certified copies of birth certificates, and change provisions relating to operators’ licenses and state identification cards

LB233 Cavanaugh, J. Introduction – Provide for child support payment disregard under aid to dependent children program and eliminate child support income in determining eligibility

LB236 Wayne Introduction – Provide for appointment and powers of problem-solving court judicial officers

YES* LB254 Brewer Introduction – Require the Legislative Council to develop and maintain a publicly accessible digital Internet archive of closed-captioned video coverage of the Legislature and change powers and duties of the Nebraska Educational Telecommunications Commission

LB262 Agriculture Committee Introduction – Change and eliminate provisions of the Nebraska Pure Food Act

LB263 Agriculture Committee Introduction – Change provisions of the Nebraska Hemp Farming Act

LR2CA Erdman Referral – Constitutional amendments to change from a unicameral legislature to a bicameral legislature, provide for election of members of the Legislature on a partisan ballot, require election of legislative officers and committee chairpersons by a public vote, and require all meetings of the Legislature to be open to the public

LR3CA Cavanaugh, J. Referral – Constitutional amendment to provide for nonpartisan nomination and election of the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State, Auditor of Public Accounts, and State Treasurer

LR4CA Cavanaugh, M. Referral – Constitutional amendment to remove felony convictions other than treason from being a disqualification for voting

YES* LR6CA Erdman Referral – Constitutional amendment to prohibit governmental entities from imposing any taxes other than retail consumption taxes and excise taxes

YES* LR7CA Erdman Referral – Constitutional amendment to require the state to impose a consumption tax or an excise tax on all new goods and services and to provide a tax exemption for grocery items

LR14CA Briese Introduction – Constitutional amendment to provide for recall of the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of State, State Treasurer, Attorney General, or Auditor of Public Accounts or a member of the Legislature


The full list of introduced Legislation can be found here:

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