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Lincoln Veterans Parade • Sunday, Nov 7th

For anyone interested in attending, Facebook Event page:

Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans
The parade will step off, Sunday November 7th, 2 pm at S 21st and K street heading west to S 14th street.

This year please join us in celebrating the service of our Vietnam War Veterans.  So many of our past heroes are left feeling unappreciated and misunderstood.  It is never to late in thanking them for their service and sacrifice.
Leading the line with our national colors are the Marine Corps League Color Guard.  Next are 2 Vietnam War Veterans, Roy Schoen and Jaime Obrecht, as our Parade Grand Marshals.  Following them will be the honored guest speaker UNL President Ted Carter, Navy Admiral.  Parade line will halt at the Capitol Building.  Grand Marshals take their seats at the Review Stand before opening remarks are made.  At conclusion of the National Anthem, the parade line continues.
There will be live TV coverage of the parade.  Radio DJs will be stationed at Purdue Global (Antelope Parkway) and the Capital Fountain (Capitol Bldg north side) for parade entry announcements and commentary.  COVID-19 precautions and restrictions may be in effect.

Nationwide Strike

NOV 8th – 11th

We encourage everyone to boycott all parts of society participating in the unconstitutional, discriminatory medical mandates! #UnitedWeStand

MMAMV Nationwide Freedom Rally ▪︎ Nov 20th 2021

Join us Nov 20th for the next Freedom Rally and Nationwide MMAMV at Memorial Park!

*Details not set in stone. Will update within the week!!!

What we are excited about will be going live with Freedom Rally USA as they travel down to South Carolina to host a Freedom Rally at the same time (hence details pending)!

Looking forward!

Don’t forget to put our Community Christmas party on your calender!! This will be as we’ve done the last few years, a free family-oriented potluck with fun and festivities for everyone!

More details to come!
Donations & Volunteers needed – please contact to help us provide our community a fun and successful event! 

Your donation goes towards future events costs, educational materials, travel costs, and other NAGO needs as they arise.



I want to again remind everyone to be contacting their civil servants and most especially our Governor to Call a Special Session addressing the medical mandates affecting Nebraskans across the state!

Governor Pete Ricketts constantly dodges taking key actions available to him to provide even the opportunity for our Legislature to implement protections from medical mandates and the discriminatory policies that separate the compliant from the exempted. This clear segregation and division amongst our communities, especially ones that recieve city, state or federal dollars, should be enough to compell him into action. Yet he continually showboats meaningless notions of stopping overreach within his circles, yet leaves hard working Nebraskans to continue to lose their jobs and security or endure unwarranted testing and masking amongst other segregatory rules.

Email our Governor this weekend and CALL him all day Monday!!!

P: 402.471.2244

Below is the list of Senators that signed on for a special session, and those whom did not. Please contact these civil servants:

Emailing State Senators…!?!
Want to email them ALL at once!!! Copy/paste,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

It is important to remember, when contacting your civil servants, they are just that. They do not DESERVE your respect or kindly worded questions, they earn that. Politicians are famous for excuses why they can’t go full send. We must hold ALL civil servants accountable, the Democrats AND the Republicans.

They have a duty to uphold the constitution. Not to further a political agenda. Not to overlord the citizens of this state. They are intended to serve us. Sacrifice their wants, desires, and lives to ensure our civil liberties are upheld.

No matter their opinion on vaccines, covid-19 shots, masks, mandates, etc., they have a responsibility to provide the opportunity for We the People to have our voices heard, the issue at hand investigated and discussed, and THEN a determination of potential protections to be implemented.

They don’t have to agree, right now.

They simply must answer the calling by the people to address the issue at hand: Medical mandates.

They can call one at anytime. They can start the 10 day process over again. They recieved millions in ARPA funding that has yet to be assigned a use. They HAVE the money to fund a special session, especially if they forego the wasteful spending that Nebraskans don’t want but has been pushed by special interest groups.

Do not let them make excuses.

If you need assistance with contacting your senator, feel free to reach out to one of our NAGO leaders!

Big Announcement!

Recently, Allie announced her stepping back from a Legislature Run and several group positions with the intent of refocusing on Nebraskans Against Government Overreach and how they can best serve We the People of Nebraska.

NAGO has become a strong leader among the conservative families and liberty loving individuals across the state of Nebraska. With the societal degradation over the last year and a half (and so much longer in the grand scheme of things) our members have voiced a need for a community to call home.

We have moms that need a safe place for their children to be taught and cared for during the day.
We have a community of all demographics and ages that have a desire to gather with, support and grow an organization aiming to preserve their liberty.
We have many group affiliations that would we would be thrilled to offer our space for meetings and events.

Imaging having a Co-op Homeschool, Conference & Congregational rooms, space for Alternative Clinics, Office space and so much more!

The opportunities are truly endless! When we’re able to prove PMAs (Private Membership Association, Private Ministerial Association, etc) successful, we can then teach others in our community to do the same and truly break free of the government overreach affecting our daily lives.

In order to make this a reality, we need YOUR help!

We must raise $1800 to cover the cost of the founding documentation and training for the advisors class so we can help others gain freedom and success!

This is the EXCITING news that can make a real difference right here at home, RIGHT NOW!

If 90 of our members would be willing to make a one time donation of $20 we can begin this process immediately to take back our constitutional, God-given rights!

For more information, questions, or concerns feel free to reach out to Allie French –

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Nebraskans Against Government Overreach is a grassroots group dedicated to halting the government overreach affecting citizens across Nebraska, preserving the Liberty of Nebraskans and raising public awareness on informed consent and individual civil rights.

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