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Despite the constant barrage of propaganda in the media, today KETV actually reported fairly on an alternative view typically not given the time of day.

What we have quickly determined is that we ARE the majority. Whether people choose to get a shot, or not, or wear a mask, or not – Americans stand for Freedom!

Typically, we do not accept interview requests with mainstream news channels, however, today provided a wonderful opportunity to share an alternative approach to health & wellness with the assuredness of fair coverage.

We are pleased with the coverage provided by KETV today:

A message from Allie:

As many know I have been recently deplatformed by Facebook. However, I am still able to follow the public pages and we truly appreciate the support of our community. It can be hard to speak out, but today I find not sharing the truth to be much harder. We need a lot more of it.

We have chosen an alternative method of health and wellness to many, that’s OUR choice and it has worked out very well for us. Our Children are happy, healthy and we don’t feel the need to have a 3rd party hold or hand through life. All of the information to be independent and responsible parents, adults, individuals, is available to each and every one of us. Should you choose to seek it out.

For us, our choices have led to children that have never needed an antibiotic, no allergies, never a blow out diaper, no chronic illness, no regressions, perfectly healthy, happy children.

Now. This has been our choice. We have no intention of imposing our will in others – though we’re more than happy to share the information that has led to these decisions.

There’s a lot! Feel free to email me at or checkout!

With that said…

Quite frankly, these decisions are none of anyone’s business. So why do I share?

Because if people are told there’s an alternative way, they want proof, they need the back story to understand the underlying message.

Our medical decisions were never a power delegated to any government or agency in any capacity. The healthcare industry and especially the pharmaceutical company have zero regulatory or law making capabilities. They provide a service to communities everywhere, but at no point in time are we required to utilize their services if we have no need.

Nor do we have to accept any service or product offered by the Healthcare industry. You do in fact get to pick and choose. You can choose to use their diagnostic services, but forgo their treatment plan.

We as American citizens have the responsibility to ensure we do not infringe on the civil liberties of our neighbors. Others’ bodily autonomy, the right to conscience cannot be infringed. Our constitution was written with the intent of preventing the majority from removing the rights of the greatest minority, the individual.

People do not have to agree. People do not have to like the choices others make. However, we ALL must respect that we do not get to decide for others.

We are free people.

If you cannot say no, you are not free. That doesn’t mean you have to say no, but IF you cannot, you are not nearly as free as you think.

Today, people may be completely accepting of the mandates thrown in our faces on the daily. Tomorrow, or next week, month, or year, that may not be the case.

So we with Nebraskans Against Government Overreach will continue to fight, for everyone. To have Freedom.

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Nebraskans Against Government Overreach is a grassroots group dedicated to halting the government overreach affecting citizens across Nebraska, preserving the Liberty of Nebraskans and raising public awareness on informed consent and individual civil rights.

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