DHHS Change in Regulations


Prepare Public Testimony!

Your testimony is essential! Please, email, write, and/or give verbal testimony on Dec 1st at the NDHHS meeting.

DEC 1ST 2021, 10AM

Nebraska State Office Building – Lower Level A

301 Centennial Mall, South, Lincoln Nebraska

For talking points, contacts, and email template please review the following.

This allows DHHS to utilize the advice of all the individuals, entities and agencies that vocally promote mandates and biased agendas.

Not only can they place individuals, groups, populations, and animals in quarantine with no notice, should it be “emergent”.


If you’ll just get the test, wear the mask, take the shot or the treatment THEY determine is needed, they’ll let you go.

I think we’ve heard that before…

The tracking and reporting of non criminal citizens, is wrong. Being sick, and especially NOT sick, doesn’t make you a criminal.

No one has the right to impose such measures. These powers were not delegated to them by our constitution. We have the right to not agree with them and to conduct our daily lives peacefully, respectfully and fully law abiding.

Last but not least. They have the ability to publicly declare a group, reported by any individual, should DHHS determine it necessary, as a public health threat and to achieve the intended purpose.

Just last year the “antivaxxers” were labeled the number one public health threat by the World Health Organization. The ACIP told us they can’t force vaccinate, but they can force compliance. Many people are not antivaxxers but will be placed in that category for declining the covid injection OR any future shots they decide to throw our way.

Now they can conveniently quarantine groups that have refused experimental injections or any other treatment they deem fit and BLAST IT TO THE WORLD.

Contact DHHS Today!

Email: dhhs.regulations@nebraska.gov

Call: 402.742.2382

Email Template:

Good day,

My name is ____, and I am reaching out to express my opposition to changes in DHHS regulations. The changes made have effectively created a medical dictatorship led by DHHS. This draft should be scrapped and rather than expanding or altering the overreaching regulations we should be moving towards limiting and ultimately removing their powers.

Medical decisions were never delegated to the government or any agency to be imposed on our citizens. There is much work to be done, might I suggest we begin by re-wording these regulations to be recommendations, and nothing more.

We make daily risk assessments many times a day without the government holding our hand. Unfortunately, this goes even further and demands healthcare workers and our neighbors turn each other in for non compliance. This is unconscionable in America.

The State Board of Education attempted to implement new health standards and retreated because of the will of the people of Nebraska. We expect it to be the same here. We demand our rights, we will not comply with tyrannical rules.

Scrap the draft.




Feel free to alter! We may write another, just make sure you’re DOING SOMETHING!!!

Thank you for taking the time to care about our freedom! There has been a pattern of legislation, ordinances and mandates imposed over the past several years and much longer ago that have stripped us of rights and left us dependent on their system.

Now is the time to stand up and begin working on recruiting more people in our communities to join us! We are the majority. Even people who currently think they disagree with us, will reach a point at which they themselves are inconvenienced, they need to know where our here and fighting for us all! All you have to do is connect and talk.

We all have one very important thing in common. We want what is best for our family and friends, we want to be happy. That may look different for each person, but, that is exactly what we’re fighting for!

For YOU! Each and every individual in this amazing country!


Published by Nebraskans Against Government Overreach

Nebraskans Against Government Overreach is a grassroots group dedicated to halting the government overreach affecting citizens across Nebraska, preserving the Liberty of Nebraskans and raising public awareness on informed consent and individual civil rights.

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