Weekly Announcement

NAGO Members, We’d hoped to be in the first full week of our petition to End the Omaha Mask Mandate. Unfortunately, we were railroaded in procedural sabotage. NAGO has all intentions of following through with the petition, however, with the news that our efforts wouldn’t be put onto the ballot until the 2022 elections, we’veContinue reading “Weekly Announcement”

Omaha & Lincoln Local Elections

April 6th is Primary Election day! If you are a registered voter in the Omaha & Lincoln city limits – GO VOTE!!! Below are the recommended and NAGO supported candidates. Omaha: Tyeisha Kosmicki – Omaha City Council District 1, replacing Pete Festersen Becky Barrientos – Omaha City Council District 4, replacing Vinny Palermo Kathleen Kauth – Omaha CityContinue reading “Omaha & Lincoln Local Elections”

Taking a Stand

Nebraskans Against Government Overreach has put out several calls to action for opposition to LB88 – “Protect free speech rights of student journalists and student media advisers”. Today, we are pressing even harder. Our opposition is being heard on the Senate Floor – they are aware, and we make them nervous! “As much as weContinue reading “Taking a Stand”

Nebraskans Against Government Overreach

Weekly Schedule: Tuesday March 23rd, 2021               DCRP Meeting – 7pm – Regency Marriott in Omaha NE Thursday March 25th, 2021               RLCNE Meetup – DJ’s Dugout 114th Dodge in Omaha NE Saturday March 27th, 2021               Back the Blue Freedom Rally – 11am – Memorial Park in Omaha NE Call to (( EMAIL &Continue reading “Nebraskans Against Government Overreach”

IMMEDIATE Call to Action!

LB 88 – “Protect free speech rights of student journalists and student media advisers” As much as we would like to support such a bill, this is bad bill being sold under the guise of the protection of our 1st Amendment rights.The language of this bill and the interpretation leads us to believe this billContinue reading “IMMEDIATE Call to Action!”

World Wide Rally for Freedom

Saturday March 20th from 2-30pm there will be a Rally for Freedom in Omaha and Kearney Nebraska! We rally for freedom and we rally against government overreach as we participate in a Global Day of Protest. Bring your signs, your flags, your cheery smiling faces as we protest together for about an hour or so!Continue reading “World Wide Rally for Freedom”

Call to Action – Proposed Health Standards, NE Department of Education

Okay, NE Parents. Here is what is being proposed. A team member called already and talked to the state department of education and this is in fact accurate. They had educators write these standards. We need to GET LOUD! Here are the details you need to know: 1.This a draft. The next state board ofContinue reading “Call to Action – Proposed Health Standards, NE Department of Education”