Nebraskans Demand Fair Elections

The talk of election integrity and the Voter Accuracy Project is buzzing across the political world of Nebraska. Citizens across the state have been working hard over the last 8 months to compile solid research and evidence of the fraud within even our own elections.

Crazy enough, we still have local elected officials with their heads in the sand.

Tomorrow and over the next several weeks to come, the Voter Accuracy Project will be presenting their evidence to citizens of Nebraksa as much as possible in various locations. NAGO will be sharing these opportunities with our members as they become available. We will also be hosting a zoom meeting presentation to provide an additional opportunity to learn and share this most valuable information. Keep a close eye on our calender and for upcoming announcements!

Ensuring our future elections are paramount to Preserving Our Liberty and making sure the will of the people is not tampered with. The fraud affecting our elections, could potentially, have a direct effect in all ballot determined processes.

Upcoming Presentation Opportunities

Thursday, Dec 16th @ 7pm

Cass County Extension Office

8400 144th St, Suite 100

Weeping Water, NE

Thursday, Dec 16th @ 7pm

Lincoln and surrounding area (Hickman, Syacuse, Eagle, Milford, Crete) we’re bringing this powerful presentation to you at the Patriots for Liberty Meeting: Thurs. Dec 16th – 6:30pm 8251 Pioneers – Lincoln, NE Elevate Church

Saturday, Dec 18th @ 10am

Aurora and surrounding area (Grand Island, York, Geneva, Columbus) we’re bringing this powerful presentation to you: Sat. Dec 18th – 10am 1205 11th St – Aurora, NE Frank Farr Senior Center

“Also presenting in Aurora area they had the TV news video at a board meeting discussing going forward with mailin ballots or not, decision is in 3 weeks! Everyone at the meeting didnt want mailin ballots the news slanted it the other way that this patriot group (us and many Aurora Hamilton County residents dont understand the importance of using them. They also had Civic Nebraska in the news broadcast, which people should learn about their programs!

From Hamilton County Canvass Leader. This report was very biased!! (Pro mailin) My hubby & I attended this meeting. There were approx 25 ppl in the room plus others in the hall. EVERYONE was against all mail-in ballots. (Except for the zoom call-in…the past county clerk who started the mailin ballots for some of us). As lead canvasser, I stood up and gave my findings (had already sent an email in opposition). I also questioned the accuracy of her voter records. Why are there 35yo “kids/children” still at their parents address? She didnt have an answer for me other than ppl need to inform her when they move. We found it interesting that the Clerk never said WHY she wanted to do this. So we feel she’s being pushed from outside sources. (Civic NE?) We all got a max of 5 min to give our reasons. The Deputy SOS guy got MUCH MORE than 5 minutes!! He was supposed to come in as a neutral but was DEFINITELY pro mail-in!! The news also stated that the clerk would decide. Not true. The commissioners will be voting whether to proceed or not.”

When it comes down to it, if Americans want free and equal elections, we MUST vote Amish. That is the only truly secure means.

If we use electronics we are at risk for fraud. Period.

If we cannot or do not eliminate electronics from our election process we must ensure accountability and transparency. This can be done, so long as we pass meaningful legislation, with a clearly defined process that everyone understands.

An election is not rocket science, neither needs be the process to ensure it’s legitimacy. The fewer steps and bureaucratic hands involved, the better.

Come out and join us! Be informed and get involved. For our future generations and preservation of our country!

Published by Nebraskans Against Government Overreach

Nebraskans Against Government Overreach is a grassroots group dedicated to halting the government overreach affecting citizens across Nebraska, preserving the Liberty of Nebraskans and raising public awareness on informed consent and individual civil rights.

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