A HUGE Win!!! #ThankfulThursday

Where to start… oh yeah.. big fat baby tears from the libs. After nearly a full day of harassment from the opposition, from being recorded 2in away from your face, having a gang of people jump in on a conversation and entirely derail a legitimate conversation, posting about us, and yelling at us in the halls… LB574 STILL advances!!!

Despite the shenanigans on the Legislature floor, the attacks, theatrics, and propaganda spewed by the democrats the past several months… LB574 STILL advances, W/O an amendment (there is talk of one to be added at the final reading)!!!
Thank you, Senator Kathleen Kauth and all of the supporting senators! It has not been an easy fight, but it is absolutely a worthy one!!!

The fight for what is right is not dependent on anyone’s affirmation but God’s. The harassment, posting, theatrics, propaganda, and so on will never have a deterring effect!!

The Legislature ended their evening with a final vote on LB753 ( Adopt the Opportunity Scholarships Act and provide tax credits ), advancing the bill to a final reading, and shortly after adjourned for the evening.
It’s sure gotta be a hard day to be the opposition to common sense, honest, and sound legislation!

#PrioritizeKids #ProtectNebraskaChildren #NAGO

Please email or call the yes voting Senators and THANK the heck outta them!! They have worked their butts off, and it is paying off! πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‘πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‘

(402) 471-2617 raguilar@leg.ne.gov
(402) 471-2716 jalbrecht@leg.ne.gov
(402) 471-2730 jarch@leg.ne.gov
(402) 471-2618 carmendariz@leg.ne.gov
(402) 471-2673 bballard@leg.ne.gov
(402) 471-2719 bbostelman@leg.ne.gov
(402) 471-2711 tbrandt@leg.ne.gov
(402) 471-2628 tbrewer@leg.ne.gov
(402) 471-2631 tbriese@leg.ne.gov
(402) 471-2613 rclements@leg.ne.gov
(402) 471-2801 bdekay@leg.ne.gov
(402) 471-2620 mdorn@leg.ne.gov
(402) 471-2929 rdover@leg.ne.gov
(402) 471-2616 serdman@leg.ne.gov
(402) 471-2731 cbosn@leg.ne.gov
(402) 471-2712 shalloran@leg.ne.gov
(402) 471-2728 bhansen@leg.ne.gov
(402) 471-2802 bhardin@leg.ne.gov
(402) 471-2642 rholdcroft@leg.ne.gov
(402) 471-2756 jhughes@leg.ne.gov
(402) 471-2805 tibach@leg.ne.gov
(402) 471-2729 mjacobson@leg.ne.gov
(402) 471-2327 kkauth@leg.ne.gov
(402) 471-2885 llinehan@leg.ne.gov
(402) 471-2630 llippincott@leg.ne.gov
(402) 471-2726 jlowe@leg.ne.gov
(402) 471-2715 mmoser@leg.ne.gov
(402) 471-2732 dmurman@leg.ne.gov
(402) 471-2623 mriepe@leg.ne.gov
(402) 471-2615 rsanders@leg.ne.gov
(402) 471-2733 jslama@leg.ne.gov
(402) 471-2621 bvongillern@leg.ne.gov
(402) 471-2710 mmcdonnell@leg.ne.gov

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Nebraskans Against Government Overreach is a grassroots group dedicated to halting the government overreach affecting citizens across Nebraska, preserving the Liberty of Nebraskans and raising public awareness on informed consent and individual civil rights.

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