End the Exploitation of our Youth

Contact the below listed Board Members of Children’s Hospital! The transgender lifestyle is being sold to kids for profit as “mental health-care”. Hospital systems and medical clinics are not only advertising their services, they are sponsoring events and exploiting vulnerable children and their families.
The upcoming Heartland Pride event is not just a celebration of differences.
Exposing our community’s children to overt sexual content in the name of diversity and inclusion is wrong.
Quietly removing the promotion of this event from their website is NOT enough. Why are they promoting sexual content to young children and their families? Why did they lie and accept 10 million taxpayer dollars under the guise of “mental health” for transgender reassignment and treatments?

In 2016, Planned Parenthood was offering hormone therapy in only afew of it’s clinics, but within 3 years it became the second largest provider in the US. They are sterilizing thousands while profiting, including billions of dollars in government grants. Hospitals also profit and drive the industry. In Nebraska, the Nebraska Medical Center, Children’s Hospital and Medical Clinics also advertise their services which create lifelong patients.

*Excerpts from coreysdigs.com/health-science/exploiting-transgenders-part-3-the-funders-profiteers

Contact the following members of Children’s Hospital boards to express the need to HALT this agenda targeting the most vulnerable of our youth:

Shavonne Krauth – Culture & Inclusion Manager: Skrauth@childrensomaha.org

Executive Board

Chanda Chacon – President & CEO at Children’s Omaha: cchacon@childrensomaha.org

Janel Allen – Sr VP & Chief HR Officer: jaallen@childrensomaha.org

Amber Phipps – VP Quality & Patient Safety: aPhipps@childrensomaha.org

Amy Bones – Sr VP & General Counsel: abones@childrensomaha.org & (402) 955-4123

Kathy English – Executive VP, Chief Operations Officer & Chief Nursing Officer: kenglish@childrensomaha.org & (402) 955-4107

Jerry Vuchak- Sr VP & Chief Information Officer: jvuchak@childrensomaha.org & (402) 955-6712

Board of Directors

Margaret Hershiser, J.D.: margaret.hershiser@koleyjessen.com

Stacy Scholtz, MPH: Stacy@mutualofomaha.com

Samantha Mosser, MBA: samantha.mosser@ubt.com

Amy Ryan: amy@bensontheatre.org

Bradley Britigan, M.D. Dean: brad@unmc.edu

Chanda Chacón, President & Chief Executive Officer: cchacon@childrensomaha.org

Dave Diamond: (402) 333-2224

Robert Dunlay, M.D., Dean: ROBERTDUNLAY@creighton.edu

Diane K. Duren: dkdenterprises@alltel.net

Cindy Heider: (402) 397-0295

John B. Jenkins: twitter.com/StartUp_CEO

Steve Lindsay, MBA: slindsay@fnni.com

Michael Robino: Michael.Robino@wellsfargo.com

Kenny Rocker: krocker@up.com

Sheilah Snyder, M.D.: shsnyder@childrensomaha.org

Jayesh Thakker, M.D.: jthakker@childrensomaha.org

Jonathan Wegner, MSJ, J.D.: jwegner@mccarthycaptital.com

Please make contact with each member (some emails seem to no longer work) and encourage that they take the public responsibility of ensuring that Children’s Hospital does not support or participate in exploiting or grooming our children, whether directly or indirectly.

Update: Good news!! The pressure is working! An email has gone out to Department heads to direct all calls to go to Amy Bones (their head legal counsel) and the call for support has gone out on various social media accounts.

*Adults have the freedom to do as they please with their own selves in the privacy of their own homes or establishment intended for such purposes. Publicly displayed sexual content is indecent exposure – period.

#NAGO #ProtectOurChildren #beInformed #supportHealth #tellTheTruth #riseUp #communityFirst #PreservingOurLiberty

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