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The Heartland Center for Reproductive Medicine is actively practicing in medical discrimination on their customers/patients. The rights and privacy policy of long-term patients are being violated by this establishment. Please help our NAGO member by FIRST praying for our friend Adam and his wife, SECOND please help educate this establishment on their violation of rights and immoral, unethical practices!!

402-717-4200 is their phone number or message them on Facebook. Help support our community and instill respect amongst our communities for ALL Nebraskans!!!
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“The reason I’m reaching …

I was diagnosed with cancer at 18 years old and the chemo therapy I took was very intense, thankfully I had a good oncologist who recommended I store “my part” before starting treatment .

Fast forward 18 years and my wife and I have to go through IVF therapy in order to have children . IVF is not covered as a medical procedure in Nebraska which means each round is about 15-20k out of pocket .

We made it to the egg retrieval part of IVF however the Heartland Center for Reproductive Medicine, PC is requiring a negative Covid test to retrieve the eggs simply because we are not vaxxed .

❌️❌️ So to be crystal clear – a person can have covid , but because they got the jab they don’t need to test .❌️❌️
❌️❌ ️My wife has to test or they won’t allow us to start our family because we are unvaxxed & won’t do the procedure without a negative Covid test .❌️❌️

We’ve spent thousands of dollars just to get to this point .
The vaxxed are getting Covid for the 3rd or 4th time now – while the unvaxxed aren’t getting it at all .
Yet the unvaxxed have to produce a negative test . If the unvaxxed test positive then you start all over and have to spend thousands more .
My wife has ultrasounds 3 times a week which don’t require a Covid test …. But the egg retrieval does require a negative test . Can anyone explain that ?

It should be noted that I’ve paid them $1200 a year for 18 years just on my storage . We are around 20k invested in IVF and they want to play games with my family over a Covid test because we refuse the jab .

They won’t do an egg retrieval which is vital for IVF without a negative Covid test for the un-vaxxed. It’s completely ridiculous.”

#CommunitySupport #PatriotsFirst #AmericanValues #FamiliesMatter #PrayersNeeded

Published by Nebraskans Against Government Overreach

Nebraskans Against Government Overreach is a grassroots group dedicated to halting the government overreach affecting citizens across Nebraska, preserving the Liberty of Nebraskans and raising public awareness on informed consent and individual civil rights.

One thought on “Call to Action!!

  1. Hey everyone, just to be clear we, my husband Adam and I were able to get more information regarding this policy. From what we understand, Heartland reproductive center is an affiliate and partner with Nebraska medicine. After discussing with our physician, it was noted that because they are a partner/affiliate that they are required to be in compliance with the rules and regulations of Nebraska medicine. With regard to Covid procedures.

    upon further discussion, all outpatient surgeries require the following:
    -anyone who is unvaccinated must produce a negative Covid test before their surgery
    -anyone who is vaccinated it does not require a negative Covid test before their surgery.

    This differs from inpatient/overnight surgeries where both parties are required to produce a negative Covid test..

    When we inquired with regard to the data to help support why this decision was made, it was noted that Heartland doesn’t have much insight or information to the data, but that they trust and need to be in compliance with Nebraska medicine.

    Given that, I recognize that Heartland is also being strong armed by the larger conglomerate that is Nebraska medicine. Just want to make that clear as this is not a facility that is operating in a silo and creating these on policies and procedures. However, they are beholden to Nebraska medicine as they utilize Heartland‘s facility for training for medical professionals as well as utilize some of their specialty in positions as required.

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