“Friends in RINO Places”

The democrats don’t have to worry about cheating when they have friends in RINO places… below are three shining examples!

Clarice Jackson won’t be standing up against fraudulent public health policy.
Clarice Jackson takes the same position on the charade overseas that Ben Sasse takes.
Clarice Jackson hasn’t acknowledged election fraud here in Nebraksa during the 2020 election, and we’ll bet you good money, she won’t ever.

Clarice Jackson is not a conservative candidate for Legislative District 18.

Bob Evnen denies fraud in the 2020 elections and furthermore remains willfully ignorant to the evidence provided.
Bob Evnen pushed “Election Integrity” bills through loyal conservative Senators that ignored the true issues affecting Nebraskans and allows the continuation of our greatest threat of voter fraud i.e. Ballot Harvesting, ELIMINATING Drop Boxes not just “securing” them
Bob Evnen avoids accountability to We the People, refuses to debate, and belittles efforts that would require the SoS to perform their duties and uphold the Constitution.

Bob Evnen is not a conservative candidate for Secretary of State.

Don Bacon has consistently failed to vote according to the conservative platform.
Don Bacon supports harmful c19 measures, the major proponents of the mandates here in Omaha, and believes the government has all rights to mandate vaccines “because that’s what they do in the military”.
Don Bacon caters to False Narratives and promotes lies that continue to perpetuate the fall of our Constitutional Republic.

Don Bacon is not a conservative candidate for Congressional Seat in District 2.

Fortunately, there are honest, hardworking Americans, ready to step up and offer an option that will uphold our morals and values. You can find more Information on the NAGO Election Guide!

The democrats cheated last election, this election they’re nearly non-existent, and you really think they just gave up?
How’s that saying go… a wolf in sheep’s clothing 🧐

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Bacon, Don (R – 2)
Candidate Assessment 2/10 – Bacon, Don (R)

Evnen, Bob (R)
Candidate Assessment 2/10 – Evnen, Bob (R)

Jackson, Clarice (R – 18)
Candidate Assessment 1.5/10 – Jackson, Clarice (R)

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Nebraskans Against Government Overreach is a grassroots group dedicated to halting the government overreach affecting citizens across Nebraska, preserving the Liberty of Nebraskans and raising public awareness on informed consent and individual civil rights.

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