Omaha No Mandates!!

This past Tuesday the Omaha City Council held a public hearing for an ordinance to amend CH12 of the Municipal Code to prevent unchecked mandates and provides the ability for the Mayor and City Council to halt a mandate proposed by the city health director. Following 4hrs of discussion on a new downtown project, over half of the individuals signed up to testify in support of this amendment had been effectively filibustered.
Those of us who were able to stick around gave phenomenal testimony and at the end they motioned the amendment to pass for a final vote coming up this Tueday, April 5th!

(Additional testimonial videos coming soon on the NAGO website)

While we fully expect the amendment to pass, please continue to contact the Omaha City Council members to help us ensure that a public hearing is included prior to the passage of any mandate!! City Council member Danny Begley’s major concern was that we don’t deviate from the “expert advice”… remind our council members it is imperative that We the People are not circumvented in the process!!!

Contact the Omaha City Council:

District 1: Pete Festersen
P: 402-444-5527

District 2: Juanita Johnson
P: 402-444-5524

District 3: Danny Begley
P: 402-444-5525

District 4: Vinny Palermo (Supportive)
P: 402-444-5522

District 5: Don Rowe (Supportive but needs continued encouragement)
P: 402-444-5528

District 6: Brinker Harding (Supportive)
P: 402-444-5523

District 7: Aimee Melton (Supportive)
P: 402-444-5526

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