New Year, New Session, New Calls to Action

We are nearing a New Year, the second legislative session, and many calls to action that come with it!

The legislative session moves quickly, our civil servants will be introducing and prioritizing legislation as soon as the session begins. We are expecting many important bills to be introduced aimed towards Preserving Our Liberty and preventing government overreach.

It is our responsibility as Nebraska citizens to get involved! By getting involved we act as the second house to our government, ensuring accountability, honesty, and transparency.

Last year, Nebraskans Against Government Overreach and various NE Grassroots groups worked together to deliver a strong voice for We the People. We gave our testimony for dozens of bills and resolutions. In the end however, there was major frustration as the most important legislation was left stuck in committees unable to provide the much needed protections. This legislation still remains viable for the 2022 legislative session, as do several bad bills, that weren’t voted on this past year.

NAGO will release weekly announcements with the legislation to follow and help facilitate contacting our civil servants.

Our number one job in passing or preventing legislation is by contacting our civil servants. Doing so in a United effort can have a huge impact. Developing a working relationship with our senators, Governor and other elected officials can aid in helping best serve our interests at the local level. Emailing and calling our civil servants with our position and evidence based decisions can make all the difference in how our elected officials represent us with their vote.

If you didn’t get involved, you don’t get to bitch.

Along with our weekly updates on legislation we will provide calls to action to help unite our efforts and give strong influence to our position. Blowing up an email or voice-mail with messages calling for freedom is a very effective method to ensure the votes needed.

We need each and every NAGO member to help make that voice loud and confident! We must share with others and continue to raise public awareness so that we can unite every Nebraskan for Freedom!

Updates & More Info

In the coming week or so the NAGO website will be updating just a bit! We are excited to be adding two new resources for our members and the visiting public.

The first addition will be C-19 Info and Resources. This will include example exemptions, sample answers for declination forms, evidence opposing mass masking and vaccination, as well as external links to independent resources.

Our second addition will be our Candidate Assessment page. This page will be extensive and lengthy. Over the past few weeks as we’ve been gathering information on each candidate for an elected office it’s been frustrating to see the lack of organization and access to unbiased, objective looks at the many candidates across the state.

Even more so, while the Democrats have a nice, simple resource to see which candidates are running for what and where, the Republicans fail to have any list of candidates in the run for office or reelection. It may be more strategic for the party and campaign teams to operate, but it makes it more difficult for the voters to see who is wanting to serve them.

Therefore, NAGO aims to provide a running list of the individuals; Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, and Nonpartisan, that enter a race for elected office.

Our goal is to assess each of these candidates based on 10 key factors as well as indicate the supported candidates currently listed on the Get Involved page. Hopefully, this tool will allow everyone to make an informed choice for themselves!

NAGO works diligently to deliver timely, thorough information, and to help provide YOU every opportunity to preserve our liberty and prevent overreach. We are never going away, we will never be silent, we will never give up – to our opposition, you’d be best to leave us alone! #FreedomWarriors

Please consider making a donation towards our many efforts! Every few dollars helps us continue to raise public awareness, participate in local meetings and events, and so much more!

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Published by Nebraskans Against Government Overreach

Nebraskans Against Government Overreach is a grassroots group dedicated to halting the government overreach affecting citizens across Nebraska, preserving the Liberty of Nebraskans and raising public awareness on informed consent and individual civil rights.

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