The Hill to Die On.

Over the past several years we have helped countless Nebraskans and even others outside the state following vaccine injuries and individuals with community calls to action. More recently our help has been dedicated to helping people avoid losing their livelihoods and health & wellness tips.

In the past week, the three following cases have really stuck and shines a bright light onto just how far reaching and wide spread this attack really is on our civil liberties.

Exemptions continue to be disregarded in the Healthcare industry, even for classes with minors in attendance.

Students and instructors of MPS and Metro are being forced to accept an experimental injection in order to participate in CNA clinicals at Brookstone. Even exemptions are being refused, despite confirmation that they were going to be accepted. However, due to the new “CMS regulations” they claim exemptions were never going to be allowed. Minors of Millard public schools even will be denied access to their classes, without exemption. THIS IS A VIOLATION OF CIVIL LIBERTIES.

A setup within the system.

An inmate at Douglas County Pen has been placed in isolation, refused visitation with family, and so much more because of his unvaccinated status following a claim his vaccine card could not be verified.

Due to lack of oversight and a presumed prejudice against this man’s vaccine status, the PO made note of his status in the report to the judge. He’s been assumed to a danger to his family because of his vaccine status and therefore sentenced to jail time rather than the expected house arrest (for a dui) so he could continue to work and provide for his family as their sole provider. THIS IS MEDICAL SEGREGATION, DISCRIMINATION AND A LACK OF ACCOUNTABILITY.

Fortunately, this man is being proactive and attempting to appeal, but it begs the question, with an already over burdened prison, how is this beneficial to Nebraskans? And, how often has such a thing occurred?

It would be more beneficial to the oversight and efficiency of our Judicial and Criminal system that the interviews leading to judges’ sentencing be recorded for a fair and just determination.

As our system is currently acting, a probation or parole officer can cause a biased sentencing based on personal opinions. If they don’t like that someone doesn’t want a(nother) covid shot and the entire interview becomes about the personal medical decisions of an individual, there’s no oversight or accountability. Due to the disagreeing opinions it could very easily influence an in-jail sentencing rather than an originally recommended house ahouse as we’re seeing in this case.

This is a clear abuse of power, one that could goes beyond a fight for medical freedom to include a wide variety of controversial topics that could have such an influence.

Medical Tyranny is a Leading Cause in Death

Even according to their own generous data, doctor’s errors are the third leading cause of death, annually. It is believed we are seeing a much grander scale of this as true science, health, and wellness are being ignored.

A man local to Omaha currently fights for his life as the treatments being given to him seem only to be causing him to decline more rapidly, all in the name of “protocol”. An onslaught of steriods, acid reducers, and antibiotics – for a VIRAL infection (major eye roll), among the variety of pain and fever reducers have been given – and doctors and nurses are surprised when their patients worsen or continue to decline?! These medications are not without side effects! Especially for an already ill person. It’s no surprise that his oxygen continues to decrease, they likely have had him in a mask too… and today, he’s on day three of being sedated and intubated and still declining. When do we accept, THEIR TREATMENT PROTOCOLS DON’T WORK!!!

How many more must be discriminated on, segregated, violated, isolated, or murdered by this agenda?! When will we rise up and end this? When are we going to stand up for ourselves and say no more? Are we going to advocate for our friends and neighbors? Are we going to sit idly by, paying our bills and raising silent families, or are we going to get involved??

ALL Nebraskans need medical freedom, now. Not in a year, not in 6 months. Now. No matter the emergency, no matter the current state of society, we need these protections or the charade will continue on. Some states are again implementing mask mandates, states with the highest injection rates are still experiencing high rates of illness and deaths. Obviously, to most of us, the recommendations made by our government and public health system continuously fail.

With only four weeks until Christmas. What better gift could our Governor give Nebraskans than a special session providing the opportunity to implement protections for our natural health and medical freedom BEFORE more jobs are lost.

If we care about our state, or one’s job, or our neighbor’s livelihood, please spend this upcoming week calling and emailing our Governor like never before. Keep contacting our state reps as we will need their support to implement these protections, but, FIRST our Governor MUST STEP UP!!!

P: 402.471.2244

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Nebraskans Against Government Overreach is a grassroots group dedicated to halting the government overreach affecting citizens across Nebraska, preserving the Liberty of Nebraskans and raising public awareness on informed consent and individual civil rights.

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