NAGO Rescinds Our Support

Nebraskans Against Government Overreach has come to the unanimous determination that we must formally rescind our support for Michael Connely as the next Governor of Nebraksa.

*Disclaimer: The loss of NAGO support does not equate to the exclusion from future NAGO events or support of the mission. We simply retain the right to no longer support the recommendation that people support/vote for the candidate.

The following gives the fullest and most detailed explanation for this decision as we aim to be honest and forthcoming with our members and the general public.

In the beginning we met Connely via Facebook while he was in Japan where he works in an educational setting and lives parts of the year. (Beginning of June)
It was made very clear, from the get-go, that for now we supported him, but could not make a final decision until we met him in person.
If one were to objectively review our sharing of interactions with Connely prior to meeting him in person and following meeting him in person, you’ll find we began distancing ourselves following that first time he spoke in Bellevue. (August 10th)

He is not a good speaker. He actually said “I tend to be physical with children” – yes, it’s on video, but he has the video.
No matter the circumstances it is never ok to say to a group of Patriots that you tend to be physical with children. NAGO does not support anyone who says this representing our state as our Governor.

He has shown up to several NAGO or Freedom Rally USA events and been allowed speaking time at a few. We always want to provide a free and equal platform, even to someone some of us may not completely agree with because many of our members are considering a vote for him, we aim to be transparent and allow all liberty minded individuals running an opportunity to speak.

Then it became apparent following his participation in those rallies and his thoughtless post following the 9.18 NE Freedom Rally: view post here.

Now! Let’s clarify this situation.
Connely didn’t show up until nearly the end of the event. The objection to his post was that he showed up late and then had the audacity to make a lengthy list of all the things wrong with the event. It became apparent then, and through actions following that post that Connely does not support NAGO, he supported NAGO supporting him and his plan.

NAGO gets to pick and choose which efforts are deserving of our platforms time and influence. Just because someone claims to be one of us and share our goals, doesn’t make it so (i.e., controlled opposition). We do not believe in a take it all or leave it approach. Our members are always, always free to vote for and support whomever they like. Our members have also developed an appreciation for our opinion on who they should vote for and why we support them. We give our honest and raw opinion, and we will do and continue to do so with this upcoming election.

We are not shy about our stance. We are not shy about telling the truth. We are not afraid to stand up to our government, and we are not afraid to stand up to those who pretend to be one of us, when they do not show that to be true.
We are a group that stands for individual liberties. We stand for even those that disagree with us. We will unite with those who have wronged us on the common ground of freedom.
We do not stand in the way of truth and accountability. We accept the consequences of mistakes made and move forward with the best in mind for all of Nebraska.

The decisions and statements made by and on behalf of NAGO are made purposefully and with deep thought.
We believe at this point ample reasons have been given why we do not support Connely for Governor of Nebraska. However, after carefully reviewing his initiatives, we have further concerns. The first is in which he uses them as the foundation of his entire platform for his candidacy as governor.

He has introduced several initiatives that are originally unconstitutional in intent and requires “removal of the teeth” during revision. The following are the 5 initiatives he has officially submitted to the Secretary of State at this time. Please read them, please assess them critically – don’t just take our word for it.

Full Access Conceal Carry Weapon Constitutional Amendment:

While this sounds great, we believe there are many other laws that would need to be rewritten to make this constitutional amendment work.
Who does this benefit more, law abiding NEs or criminals? There is better verbiage to allow freedoms to law abiding citizens and ensure criminals are not allowed to be a menace to society.
Can this be manipulated by our government should we have a left leaning Governor or Legislature?
In our current society, could this be used to allow politically stimulated groups to intimidate the public or be a nuisance and avoid consequences?

Medical Freedom Constitutional Amendment:

While NAGO fully supports our Medical Freedom. More than most. We have a deep understanding of what it takes and where the core issues lie in protecting our medical freedom.

When assessing this initiative, it says exactly what we want. Unfortunately, the truth does not prevail often in our legal system today. As it is written, these listed perpetrators ALREADY believe they are not forcing or coercing anyone. They believe that they have the right not to be around people or employ people or teach people that make different medical decisions than them. Our legal system supports that notion as it is currently written, especially in a state like NE with at will employment.

It is why Allie worked hard to be involved in the beginning and when comments and suggestions were ignored, we moved forward with other efforts.

Ultimately, it would be more effective to offer protections for natural health, preventing the discrimination of an individual based on the use of PPE, testing, or vaccination status (one is not sick until proven healthy) OR by rewriting the definition of the threat of an epidemic to require them to go by death counts rather than case counts. Removing the need for fraudulent PCR testing of asymptomatic persons and restricting their use of powers given under those conditions. Then we would work on removing those conditions.

Replacing the Department of Education Constitutional Amendment:

This initiative we believe violates the value we hold not to grant our Governor, any Governor, dictatorial power over We the People and our children’s education. There lies the potential this could be fine with a good Governor and disastrous with a bad Governor. This doesn’t seem to change the abilities to do anything, just removes the publics participation in electing the people that determine how our tax payer dollars are used.

Governor Override Constitutional Amendment:

And here we give the governor the dictatorial power we were speaking of to override all the good written above, maybe due to another viral emergency… Suddenly our protections will no longer have any weight. This is WRONG!!!
Sure it’s fun when a state has a good Governor, but by golly guys we want these things to go through the legislature, properly. We don’t want a dictator as a governor, period.
We can’t even get 3/5th of the legislature to sign on for a special session to call for this very protection. You really think we’d be able to get the votes (as we currently sit) to STOP someone from infringing on our civil liberties?

Election Integrity Judicial Panel:

“The panel shall be self-administering, establishing its OWN operating procedures…”
Say whaaat?!

Again, these people are just picked out of a hat by the governor.
Again, there’s little guidance on intent or delegated powers or procedure.

These are the 5 currently available to be reviewed. All other initiatives are still “in the works”. The goal is to have 21 of these!
Apparently, it is assumed based on headlines that you will sign down the line without fully investigating the actual proposed changes. In our opinion this is dangerous and manipulative. Or. Connely is unaware of his ineffective and potentially harmful introductions, and even that isn’t good.


There are concerns with his physical capabilities to fulfill the duties of Governor.

While we also respect and appreciate his and all other military service members service, our concern lies with his work for the Department of Defense, work with military intelligence, and whether this is actually a good thing to be trusted, or not. At the very least we recognize that military service does not make one automatically a good or honest person.

He takes no issue with his team speaking on his behalf and allowing them to attack Nebraska voters for disagreeing with his position and making accusations of their allegiance and intentions without basis on social media.

He maintains his book “Restore the Good Life” sales will fund his gubernatorial campaign and is therefore not accepting monetary donations from his supporters or volunteers.
By running his campaign this way, he avoids having to file with the Nebraska Accountability and Disclosure Commission, a requirement when you receive or spend $5k, even if it’s your own money used, both monetarily and in-kind donations, towards campaign costs: travel, literature, volunteer service, event costs/donations. His method allows him to claim all the above as related to his initiative campaign and strategically avoids having to declare his candidacy and committee with the state.
No matter how much we want to change politics as usual, this MUST be done.

His Governor campaign is in fact detrimental to a fair gubernatorial race. By remaining in running for Governor he is detracting from viable candidate(s) that deserve the votes and time of the supporters he is misleading. It would be more beneficial for Connely to focus on providing solid initiatives that provide legitimate protections for Nebraskans and allow We the People to unite our efforts behind a focused gubernatorial candidate that supports our common goal to Preserve our Liberty.

Our position on Connely is factual and observational.
This is about the man’s platform.
We don’t support it.

At the end of the day, we are at war to preserve our liberties, we cannot in good conscious stay silent. We want the best for NE.
NAGO aims to preserve our liberties through keeping our government and potential civil servants accountable. We aim to always make decisions that aid in our goals for NAGO. We will continually work to ensure the safety, security and integrity of our group, our leaders & admins, as well as our members. We will stand for the truth, even if we stand alone.

Our fight for our freedom is not dependent on the affirmation of anyone but God.

– NAGO Leaders & Admins

Published by Nebraskans Against Government Overreach

Nebraskans Against Government Overreach is a grassroots group dedicated to halting the government overreach affecting citizens across Nebraska, preserving the Liberty of Nebraskans and raising public awareness on informed consent and individual civil rights.

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