TOMORROW! NE Freedom & MMAMV Rally

Exemptions are revoked.
Civil liberties violated.

Patients are refused care.
Discrimination in care.

Employees are threatened and coerced.
Segregatory Rules and Regulations.

Children are used to fuel an agenda.
Abuse of power over the innocent.

Americans are losing their livelihoods.
No Mandates in a Free Country!

When will you stand up?

Will you wait until they come for you? Or will you stand for your fellow Nebraskans?

Our fight for freedom isn’t dependent on anyone’s affirmation. It’s time we step up! Join us TOMORROW, Saturday 20th, 2 – 4PM, on the Pedestrian Bridge at Memorial Park in Omaha for a NE Freedom & MMAMV Rally!!! #NAGO #PreservingOurLiberty #RiseUp #noMandates #beInformed #WewillALLbeThere #FreedomForAll

Published by Nebraskans Against Government Overreach

Nebraskans Against Government Overreach is a grassroots group dedicated to halting the government overreach affecting citizens across Nebraska, preserving the Liberty of Nebraskans and raising public awareness on informed consent and individual civil rights.

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