Nebraska Governor Race

Following last evening’s event with Cass County GOP, NAGO would like to share OUR opinion at this current time on the Republican Candidates.

Connely – Is not a serious candidate for Governor. By his own words, he is running an initiative campaign, every question tonight was answered with initiative talk. His insight on broadband and using underground fiber optics was spot on. Connely is definitely a smart man and knows a lot about certain issues. However, the role of serving as governor is not the focus of this candidate… although apparently playing with a fly in the middle of the debate is.

Lindstrom – He had very good answers for the questions yesterday evening, unfortunately, his team was so busy acting like we were at a ball game whooping and hollering that it impeded Lindstroms message. We appreciate his experience in the legislature (check out the voting record) and understanding of his role as a governor for the state of Nebraska.

Ridenour – Certainly the most passionate speaker of the lot and likely the most informational. Breland did well sharing a more clear plan of future actions that can be taken to stop overreach as Governor and his continued involvement at school board meetings and other community meetings. (NAGO is proud to continue to support him for his run for Governor.)

Thibodeau – One of the newest entries to the gubernatorial race. We were honestly surprised this evening, we were expecting a stronger, more confident delivery. It’s also important to take notice of the comfortability with presenting misinformation as an argument against medical freedom. (PSA Cannabis isn’t going to kill your kids and people have a right to determine what foods they eat and medicines they take, including cannabis #MedicalFreedom.) We get it, you’re a mama bear, so where have you been?? Aside from campaigning on Herbsters behalf, what public voice have you offered in the fight for protecting our children’s future? If someone were a mad mama bear, and has prior political experience, where has the fight been for the last couple years? It sounds like a line. We do want to highlight that we did love that Thibodeau called out election fraud during the Omaha City Council election – THAT was cool.

Pillen – No show. Again. At this point, word on the street is that Pillen has only appeared at safe GOP/Ricketts events or fundraisers. We’re not sure why exactly he’s still in the race following his failure to act on the CRT and vax passports at the universities and the ongoing lawsuit.

Hebrster – No show. Again. This one only shows up to well funded, safe, anf/or flashy events. Much like at the Nebraska Steak Fry where he continued to dilly dally around during the National Anthem. Every endorsement received leads back to monetary contributions. We’ve personally witnessed the man lie to a room full of people but honestly he already lost us at not stopping for the national anthem.

New to the playing field Jay Quick.

We will continue to provide feedback on state and local elections throughout this upcoming year. One is free to take it or leave it, we are simply presenting the views of the NAGO Leaders & Admins for those whom wish to know!

Yesterday’s debate can be viewed on the Cass County GOP website at

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