EVEN WHEN YOU THINK IT’S OVER… Update: Special Session

First, we must apologize – the deadline for calling a special session is actually Monday Nov 1st! Fortunately, our mistake is also a blessing 🙌 we now have all weekend and Monday until 5pm to obtain the remaining senators signatures needed for a special session.

We also have 3 Senators who have said they’ll sign, but not until the 1st or whatever reason they decide to go with that day. So our OFFICIAL count is 26 signed on. Fortunately, our calls to action have always included those 3 fence sitters – so we shall continue on that route!!!


MAYBE? LastFirst Dist Party Email Phone  

AguilarRaymond 35 R raguilar@leg.ne.gov 402-471-2617 Up for re-election 2023

Maybe HilkemannRobert 4 R rhilkemann@leg.ne.gov 402-471-2621  

KoltermanMark 24 R mkolterman@leg.ne.gov 402-471-2756  

PahlsRich 31 R rpahls@leg.ne.gov 402-471-2327 Up for re-election 2023 

StinnerJohn 48 R jstinner@leg.ne.gov 402-471-2802 

Maybe WilliamsMatt 36 R mwilliams@leg.ne.gov 402-471-2642 Running for Regent soon    

BloodCarol 3 D cblood@leg.ne.gov 402-471-2627  

MckinneyTerrell 11 D tmckinney@leg.ne.gov 402-471-2612  

DayJen 49 D jday@leg.ne.gov 402-471-2725  

LathropSteve 12 D slathrop@leg.ne.gov 402-471-2623 Up for re-election 2021 

DeBoerWendy 10 D wdeboer@leg.ne.gov 402-471-2718 Up for re-election 2021

Maybe WayneJustin 13 Djwayne@leg.ne.gov 402-471-2727 

Contact these Senators EVERY SINGLE DAY!! Maybe even a few times a day, they need to know how important this is to YOU!

Additionally, we must continue to pressure our Governor. He constantly dodges taking all actions available to him to provide even the opportunity for our Legislature to implement protections from medical mandates and the discriminatory policies that separate the compliant from the exempted. This clear segregation and division amongst our communities, especially ones that recieve city, state or federal dollars, should be enough to compell him into action. Yet he continually showboats meaningless notions of stopping overreach within his circles, yet leaves hard working Nebraskans to continue to lose their jobs and security or endure unwarranted testing and masking amongst other segregatory rules.

Email our Governor this weekend and CALL him all day Monday!!!

E: pete.ricketts@nebraska.gov
P: 402.471.2244

Do not let up! Whether we obtain 33 Senators or not by Monday Nov 1st, our Governor can initiate a special session at anytime!!! Do not let him shirk his way out of that responsibility to act for We the People.

We have a special opportunity!! A Halloween Protest for a Special Session this Sunday afternoon in the Omaha area. If you would like to join us please contact Allie French at alliefrench.nago@gmail.com for detail!!!


Nebraskans Against Government Overreach and Freedom Rally USA are coordinating our efforts to bring our Senators out from the safety of their private offices to stand with We the People Against medical mandates!!!

Several other of the local Nebraska grassroots groups, including Nebraska Freedom Keepers, People’s Rights, among others will be joining us as well on the north steps of the Lincoln Capitol from noon until 3pm.

Additionally, this nationwide effort is to show our country the impact these discriminatory mandates will have if enforced. In Nebraska alone 10s if not 100s of thousands stand to lose their livelihoods whether they comply with the exemption process or not.


3M, CHI, Creighton University, UNMC, Verizon, Kiewit, BCBS, retailers, warehouse & factory, amongst many others,

are in jeopardy of losing their jobs. Even when these individuals turn in Religious & Medical Exemptions they are often denied without reason and certainly not because they aren’t valid.

Join us Nov 3rd at the Capitol in Lincoln for a Nationwide Walkout! Anyone, any child, that is being subjected to mandates, JOIN US as we stand for YOU, with YOU!


Published by Nebraskans Against Government Overreach

Nebraskans Against Government Overreach is a grassroots group dedicated to halting the government overreach affecting citizens across Nebraska, preserving the Liberty of Nebraskans and raising public awareness on informed consent and individual civil rights.

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