2 Down. 1 To Go!

Thursday 9.23 we rallied in support of 3M Employees.

Live video from rally:

Pt1: https://www.facebook.com/NebraskansAgainstGovernmentOverreach/videos/6570806412937419/

Pt2: https://www.facebook.com/NebraskansAgainstGovernmentOverreach/videos/187726426774408/

Saturday 9.25 we rallied in support of our local university students.

Live video from rally:

On Monday we will rally with local Healthcare workers on Mercy Rd in Omaha!!!

Please bring flags, signs, and smiling faces!

Join CHI Doctors for a Medical Freedom Rally and stand with them against covid19 vaccine mandates!

Mark Going and share share share!!!

If you can’t make it out, please be sure to check the page for our live video and share with others!

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Nebraskans Against Government Overreach is a grassroots group dedicated to halting the government overreach affecting citizens across Nebraska, preserving the Liberty of Nebraskans and raising public awareness on informed consent and individual civil rights.

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