Gathering of the Minds

Come join us this Saturday, Sept 11th @ 5pm for an impromptu Gathering of the Minds! We will be discussing the future of our country and how to break free of government dependency and a sign making party for the Sept 18th Freedom Rally!!!

🚨🚨 Please RSVP by emailing me at


Cpl. Daegan Page is scheduled to arrive at Eppley Airfield TOMORROW at 1:30 p.m. with the police escort to follow:

The procession will start at Abbott Drive and Locust. The remainder of the route is as follows; Locust Street to 10th Street, 10th Street to Cass Street, Cass Street to Interstate-480, I-480 to Interstate-80, I-80 to L Street, L Street to 132nd Street, 132nd Street to Millard Avenue, Millard Avenue to 144th Street, 144th Street to Braman Mortuary, 6505 South 144th Street.

Officials want to remind people to allow room for the vehicles, and be mindful of the following:

Park in compliance with parking regulations

Ask permission before parking in private business parking lots

Do not block private driveways

Be patient if in traffic, and expect delays along the route

Do not illegally park along the route, block intersections or impede the motorcade.

Citizens are encouraged to utilize interstate overpasses for viewing, rather than stopping alongside the interstate.

Allie will be joining the Millard group and Nebraska Warriors Hockey in the Hobby Lobby parking lot


Eventbrite did a massive cancel on conservative and Freedom-loving events across the country. Our Freedom Festival ’21 was one of those events affected. Due to this attack, the money was refunded and we will be switching to $20 at the door!!!

Please join us in standing up to the tyranny that has befallen our great nation!

From Executive Director Matt Barros: “Yesterday, just before President Biden took the stage to threaten 80 million Americans, Eventbrite, Inc. notified the Nebraska Freedom Coalition that our upcoming Freedom Fest ‘21 event had been canceled. Without any prior warning or notifications, Eventbrite, Inc. removed our event from their site and refunded all ticket holders their entry fees.
They attributed their punitive action to our Ministry of Truth’s preferred and vague verbiage – “potential misinformation”. Although citing “potential misinformation,” Eventbrite Inc. never produced any material showing any misinformation that was communicated through our event or our post; potential or otherwise.
The Nebraska Freedom Coalition is a Nebraska Political Action Committee that operates for one purpose: to fight for every man, woman, and child’s individual and inalienable rights. This is why we are being canceled. Any voice of dissent has been, and will continue to be, silenced through the tyranny of big tech censorship. We are just another victim in a long line of abuses by an authoritative shadow government.
But let us make this very clear: we do not fear tyrants. We will only fight harder in the face of adversity and cancel culture.
The Show Goes On!
Freedom Fest ‘21 will be held at the Round the Bend on September 17, 2021. Doors open at 4pm. Speakers and live performances begin at 6pm and the event will end at 10pm. Tickets will be $20 at the door, and kids 12 & under are free.
If you believe in Freedom and Liberty, or if you have been affected by the incremental steps of government overreach, please come out and show your support on the 17th.
The fight is here.
The time is now.
Join the movement today.”

This leads us right into the Nebraska Freedom Rally on Sept 18th at the Capitol!! It is time We the People UNITE for our freedom. Our government, made clear by the usurper Biden, is quickly closing in on those whom utilize their God given right to bodily autonomy.

This isn’t about one shot. This isn’t about any one person’s job or livelihood. This is about the preservation and restoration of our great country. Of our constitutional republic. The rights of EACH INDIVIDUAL are the core of our country.

It is time we Unite for our fellow man. It is time to stand for those whom are persecuted today so that others are not persecuted tomorrow.

A. We need to be emailing DAILY all Senators for their support. Time to put the pressure on.

The scripts on is the message we want delivered to our public officials – I may write up something else to send out in the next week or so with the help of a few others (I’m always open to suggestions, feel free to send em my way)

We need to first and foremost ensure senator Arch and senator Williams on the HHS committee are on board.
Then we have to have 32 on board, I doubt we’ll get McCollister, so we need 1 or 2 dems on our side as well. I’m gonna guess Wayne, Lathrop or Wishart will be or best bets. Lathrop would actually be a huge win for us.

The problem is that even if they call a special session it cannot start until after redistricting which doesn’t start until the 13th. So it won’t happen before October/November. But. Obviously that doesn’t mean we give up on the mission. Either way we need one, sooner rather than later, whether we win or not so that we can see where we stand. That way! If we lose, when the next legislative session begins in Jan we know who we need to work on and we’ll have a bunch of great legislation coming through to support at that point as well.

B. We need EVERYONE to bombard Governor Ricketts to call for a special session to discuss mandates, with or without the prior support of Senators. We the People WILL get them on board, but we need the opportunity!

C. We need EVERYONE to show up on the 18th at the Capitol to show these people just how many of us we’re talking about.

We need to spread the word of that rally like wildfire and insist EVERYONE drop what they’re doing and be there. If we can get 20k to show up. I think we’ll have the support we need.
We are nearly 1 week out from our largest Freedom Rally! We need to get our additional signs ordered by the end of this week. Please consider making a donation to NAGO!

Every $20 dollars gets us another sign to be used at our rallies and events – they definitely get their use in!!! 

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