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We had a “win” with the NDE today. We’re happy to see the State Board of Education table the health standards, however, don’t lose sight of the fact that they changed the rules so that it only takes one to bring it all right back. The standards are not only inappropriate to teach in our schools, but these topics are better discussed in the household with parents, and falls clearly outside their scope of responsibility.

Thank you to all the parents of Nebraska for standing up for our children and letting your voices be heard.

#NAGO #PreservingOurLiberty #forTheKids

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This morning I and leaders of Face Friendly Nebraska had a chance to meet with the governor.

Per our meeting this morning with Ricketts. We’re essentially on our own, UNLESS we can get 32 Senators on our side for a special session to discuss legislation pertaining to covid mandates.

It was suggested we find a lawyer to sue – obviously been there tried that.
There are no lawyers in the state of Nebraska that are going to help us. We’ve been trying to find one for years, those that are imposing mandates aren’t stupid, they first ensure there won’t be any lawyers that will come after them BEFORE they impose them.

Our best and only bet is Bob Sullivan with the Thomas Moore society and that’s only because they’re a national organization that’s harder to be squashed by the likes of UNMC or the teachers union.

So. We have to work on ensuring we have every republican senator and 1 or 2 dems on our side. When we have confirmation of that, then, Ricketts will call a special session.

A. We need to be emailing DAILY all Senators for their support. Time to put the pressure on.

The scripts on is the message we want delivered to our public officials – we may write up something else to send out in the next week or so with the help of a few others.

We need to first and foremost ensure senator Arch and senator Williams on the HHS committee are on board.
Then we have to have 32 on board, I doubt we’ll get McCollister, so we need 1 or 2 dems on our side as well. I’m gonna guess Lathrop or Wishart will be or best bets. Lathrop would actually be a huge win for us.

The problem is that even if they call a special session it cannot start until after redistricting which doesn’t start until the 13th. So it won’t happen before October. But. Obviously that doesn’t mean we give up on the mission. Either way, we need one sooner rather than later. Whether we win or not, we can see where we stand. That way! If we lose, when the next legislative session begins in January we will know who we need to work on and we’ll have a bunch of great legislation coming through to support at that point as well.

B. We need EVERYONE to show up on the 18th at the Capitol to show these people just how many of us we’re talking about.

We need to spread the word of that rally like wildfire and insist EVERYONE drop what they’re doing and be there. If we can get 20k to show up. I think we’ll have the support we need.

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As you can see, it is time! It is time to rise up, to get involved and to effect real change!

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