Healthcare Workers for Medical Freedom Rally


The time has come. The great awakening is here!
UNMC has recently imposed a vaccine mandate to end in termination if not fully injected by Oct 8.
Today we UNITE with doctors and nurses across the state and over the river to stand in OPPOSITION to the policies being implemented.

We call on Governor Ricketts to stand with us and call on the Med Centers,  UNMC and all institutions to honor individual choice. To allow their much needed, smart, Healthcare workers to make their own medical decisions free of coercion, manipulation and without the need for disclosure of their private health information.

Nurses, doctors and our community please join us in contacting the Governor to stand with us!
P. 402.471.2244

We call on our Legislature to push through LB643 in special session for the protection of Nebraska citizens from impending mandates.

Nurses, doctors and our community please join us in contacting the Health & Human Services Committee to stand with us!!!,,,,,

Lastly, we call on UNMC, NE Med Center, CHI, and all other health institutions to end the medical dictatorship and reverse their policy. We NEED our Healthcare workers and they deserve the choice – free of coercion, bullying and manipulation.

Nebraskans Against Government Overreach, HUNDREDS of Nebraska Nurses, Doctors, friends, family and community will be protesting the UNMC and surrounding med center’s policy on Aug 23rd and 24th (42nd and Dodge to Harney) AND MORE until this policy is reversed and our Healthcare workers are given the dignity of making their own informed decision – whether they choose to get a shot or not, whether they choose to mask or not.

#StandTogether #FreedomForAll #HealthCareWorkersForMedicalFreedom

The discrimination ends here.
We will not accept further segregation based on the medical worth deemed appropriate by the few elite officials and executives of Nebraska Medical Institutions.

#NAGO #PreservingOurLiberty #RiseUp #noMandates #beInformed #WewillALLbeThere

REMINDER: NUs Regent Meeting

University of Nebraska moves toward totalitarianism with “voluntary vaccination
registration” program and “Safer” Communities App.
UNL is now participating in a “voluntary” vaccination registration that will exempt
students from mandatory testing and restrictions. To prove their medical status each
time they enter a building on campus they must show the “Safer” Communities app that
will indicate if they have been vaccinated or if they have a negative covid test. This is a
de facto vaccine passport!
It is a clear violation of our first amendment rights to freedom of movement to restrict
access based on medical status, not to mention our right to privacy. No one should
ever have to reveal personal health information to get access to a public space.
Students are being bribed to participate or coerced with the threat of mandatory weekly
testing, creating a two-tier system of students – those who have to have mandatory
testing vs those who have complied with the “voluntary” registration.
Students who choose not to vaccinate will be punished by weekly mandatory testing.
This virus has a 99.7% survival rate – and there are serious health ramifications from the
covid shot. The FDA has just announced that it is acknowledging the risk of pericarditis
especially in young men. Getting one of these shots is not a protection from getting or
spreading covid – it merely makes the symptoms more manageable.
If the shots work as advertised – those who get them have nothing to fear from someone
who has chosen not to or is unable to get one. There should be no difference in
Under the guise of “safety” UNL is creating a system to punish those who do not
participate, and requiring each and every student to provide proof on demand of their
health status. This is the equivalent of being asked to “show your papers”. This
totalitarianism will not stop here. If our young college age adults learn to accept that
they must prove their worth to access public spaces and have freedom of movement,
they will be primed to accept more and more restrictions.
I am extremely disappointed that our university system continues to push this sort of
peer based coercion to force students to participate in an EUA shot that has no long
range studies. Students should be able to decide not to participate in medical
treatments that are not in their best interest.
This is the email sent to parents introducing this program:

Gov. Ricketts Opposes Vaccine Passports
LINCOLN – Today, Governor Pete Ricketts issued a statement following news regarding
the development of vaccine passport systems that would use the sensitive health
information of Americans to limit their freedoms.
“Nebraska will not participate in any vaccine passport program,” said Gov. Ricketts.
“This concept violates two central tenets of the American system: freedom of movement
and healthcare privacy. Nebraska will take any necessary action to protect the private
health information of our citizens and the freedoms we cherish.”
Please register to speak at the Regents Meeting opposing the “Safer
Communities” app

To register to speak at the August 13th Regents meeting (at 9:00am) email Angela
Dibbert at:
The Board of Regents meeting is scheduled for Friday, August 13, 2021. Time and
location may be subject to change.

Information needed:
1. Address
2. Topic you wish to speak on
Please contact each regent and the chancellor and register your opposition to
these totalitarian moves by the University. (phone calls work best)

District 1:
Timothy Clare
3 Landmark Centre
1128 Lincoln Mall, Suite 300
Lincoln, NE 68508
• (402) 475-5100

District 2:
Jack Stark, PhD
306 Heavenly Drive
Omaha, NE 68154
• (402) 333-0122

District 3:
Jim Pillen, DVM
4438 Old Mill Court
Columbus, NE 68601
• (402) 564-0407 ext: 222

District 4:
Elizabeth O’Connor
909 Civic Center
1819 Farnam Street
Omaha, NE 68183
• (402) 290-8233

District 5:
Robert Schafer
609 Elk Street
Beatrice, NE 68310
• (402) 228-3443,(402) 228-3406 (facsimile)

District 6:
Paul Kenney
15612 115th Road
Amherst, NE 68812
• (308) 826-2507

District 7:
Bob Phares
608 Sequoia Court
North Platte, NE 69101
• (308) 532-3180

District 8:
Barbara Weitz
110 North 92nd St
Omaha, NE 68114
• (402) 393-0537

UNL Chancellor: Ronnie Green
Address: 1400 R Street
Lincoln, NE 68588
Phone number:

Hardworking Americans Group

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Nebraskans Against Government Overreach is a grassroots group dedicated to halting the government overreach affecting citizens across Nebraska, preserving the Liberty of Nebraskans and raising public awareness on informed consent and individual civil rights.

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