Cancel Culture Continues

Today another conservative voice was silenced by the radical woke mob. Chris Baker was fired by KFAB after an accidental post of the wrong gif was labeled racist by several liberal politicians.

Chris has stated in a post on his Facebook that his journey will not end here and an announcement is coming.

The fact of the matter is that they made an example of him and took advantage of the situation. We already have so few conservative voices and Chris Baker was one of the best. It’s also worth noting this effectively kicks Dr. Lee Merritt off the air as well.
Nothing is a coincidence; they were looking for an excuse and lying in wait for him to make a mistake.

What we hope is that conservatives all recognize the censorship that is taking place and the gravity of our situation.

Chris Baker is taking an exceptionally positive outlook and we applaud is drive to move forward. However, we encourage everyone not to let them brush this under the rug. If we allow the far-left radicals to dictate who is on the air, they will continue to cancel us out until there is no one left.

This is also a good chance to email Sen. McCollister (R – and let him know it’s not cool to turn on one of our own. His obsession with continuing the division is utterly ridiculous. It’s comical that while he makes it a point of commenting to reporters, fully aware their only intention is to stir the pot, about a conservative being racist, but when Dr. Ali Khan, who works for UNMC, tweets that all Republicans are KKK members, he’s completely silent.

Unfortunately, the censorship doesn’t end there. Today, Facebook officially disabled a group that, Allie French, is also a co-founder of – MMAMV.

This group has been dedicated to informed consent and halting the mandate agenda. Today, the nearly 25k members of this group are just gone. The years of work, dedication and time spent in this effort, was silenced with a click of a button.

That shouldn’t stop us!

Fortunately, those of us fighting for our Freedom are not so easily deterred. We will carry on and get creative as we work through the many obstacles and hoops they throw our way.

With that being said! We have 3 HUGE events coming up!!!

2A Rally

April 30th 2021 we will be hosting a 2nd Amendment Rally along with Freedom Rally USA and Nebraska Firearm Owners Association to raise awareness of the current legislation that supports and protects our 2A rights and call to action our members to help push this legislation through!

3pm to 6pm on the North side of the Capitol Building in Lincoln NE.

Our Children Protest

May 14th 2021 we are coordinating a statewide protest to end the indoctrination taking place and planned for our children’s schools. Our team is gathering the list of school districts that our members hope to participate in and we will be disbursing the locations asap!
Spread the news, bring your friends and family. You do NOT have to have kids in the public school system to help stand up for the future of the children that do attend.

MMAMV Global Demonstration

May 29th 2021 we will be hosting an MMAMV event here in Omaha, NE. We will be UNITING around the world with hundreds of thousands of others to raise public awareness of the informed consent movement and help to halt the mandate agenda. It is the most basic human right to choose what you are injected with or not injected with. If we give up this most basic right, we will be living under tyranny.

Consistency is Key

Every Tuesday, from 1pm to 2pm, we have and will continue to Peacefully Protest the Omaha Mask Mandate until it has sunset. At this point in time it seems that the Omaha City Council does not intend to extend the Omaha Mask Mandate. Which means the mandate is expected to end May 25th 2021. Until that time, we will be at the Douglas County Civic Center on 1819 Farnam St. from 1pm to 2pm. Feel free to come join us!!!

It is especially important to remember that the Omaha General Elections coming up May 11th will determine the future of mandates in Omaha. If we do not re-elect Aimee Melton (District 7), Harding Brinker (District 6) and vote-in additional conservative candidates there will be nothing to stop the new council from coming in and re-implementing a mask mandate.

Consider Donating for Signs, Supporting Team Calls to Action, Growth for the Future, and the Facilitation of Public Outreach and Educational Distribution. 

Checkout the NAGO Store Today and Get a Shirt that Shows Your Support!!!

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Nebraskans Against Government Overreach is a grassroots group dedicated to halting the government overreach affecting citizens across Nebraska, preserving the Liberty of Nebraskans and raising public awareness on informed consent and individual civil rights.

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