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Mark Your Calenders!!!

Friday, April 30th – 2A Rally

NAGO, Freedom Rally USA and Nebraska Firearm Owner’s Association are teaming up for a 2A Rally, Friday, April 30th at the State Capitol in Lincoln, NE. Our goal is to raise awareness and push LB188, LB236, LB173, LB300, LB223, LB404, LB85, LB417 and LB244 through committee and on to the floor for a full debate. (Time TBD)

Friday, May 14th – Protect Our Children Protest

Protect Our Children Protest, Friday, May 14th! Everyone, across the state – CALL OUT of work (or schedule time off, we’ve got a little over 2 weeks notice!), PULL our kids and gather at your respective school district building for a peaceful protest from 12pm – 2pm against the indoctrination in our children’s schools.

Get the masks OFF OUR KIDS.
END the Sex-Ed.
Get the Politically Biased Agenda OUT of our schools.
END the ABUSE. #SaveOurChildren

Saturday, May 29th – MMAMV Global Demonstration

MMAMV is gearing up for our 3rd annual event, uniting countries across the globe!
Millions March Against Mandatory Vaccination #MMAMV

Draconian policies such as implementing COVID-19 Vaccine Passports and Mandating Vaccines, for employment or to enjoy public accommodations, are being rolled out in numerous countries. This is UNFATHOMABLE!

It is IMPERATIVE we not only maintain our FREEDOMS but we also preserve them for future generations.

No person, no government, and no business has the authority to demand you be injected with ANYTHING against your will. If we lose this basic human right – we’re no longer free.
We can’t allow this. Take a stand! Come join us May 29th in Omaha, NE. (Time & Location TBD)

Let’s Take Back Our Freedoms – TOGETHER – United in a Global Demonstration!

Good News!

At this point in time there has NOT been an introduction to extend the Omaha Mask Mandate. Which means the mandate would sunset (end) on May 25th! This could change anytime Monday, April 18th. If it’s not on the agenda for this upcoming week then that leaves the possibility that when the new city council board is brought in, they could attempt to revive the mandate. Which makes the General Elections on May 11th that much more important!!!

We are still circulating an informal online petition that is open to everyone to sign, should we go before the council again on this topic. If you haven’t yet please SIGN and SHARE this petition!

A Special Thank you to Our NAGO Team!

We did it! LB88 died in legislature this past week! Our consistent voices of opposition absolutely played an essential part in this outcome! Several of our conservative senators were unsure of their position in the beginning – after our group’s, and several other NE group’s, Calls to Action on this legislation, we were able to provide them with a solid position in our favor. GREAT JOB!!!

Consider Donating for Signs, Supporting Team Calls to Action, Growth for the Future, and the Facilitation of Public Outreach and Educational Distribution. 

Published by Nebraskans Against Government Overreach

Nebraskans Against Government Overreach is a grassroots group dedicated to halting the government overreach affecting citizens across Nebraska, preserving the Liberty of Nebraskans and raising public awareness on informed consent and individual civil rights.

4 thoughts on “All ONE Team

  1. Allie, Got your email with all the important dates to remember. I’m so thankful for NAGO and all the action plans you have for we patriots to be involved in!

    Just had a quick question re: the May14, Protect our Children Protest as to the timing? Who do we hope to be visible from 12-2:00? Is this the best time for our district school staff to be seeing us in front of their offices? I just think of our smaller school out here in Bennington, and can’t imagine who would see us protesting out on the sidewalk during those hours. I hope to pass out flyers to hundreds of parents urging them to attend, but I want to make sure it is the best time of day. Thanks for your response. Mary Scearcy (I met you at the Ben Sasse protest rally outside of the Regency Marriot.)

    On Sun, Apr 18, 2021 at 1:49 AM Nebraskans Against Government Overreach wrote:

    > NebraskansAgainstGovernmentOverreach posted: ” Mark Your Calenders!!! > Friday, April 30th – 2A Rally NAGO, Freedom Rally USA and Nebraska Firearm > Owner’s Association are teaming up for a 2A Rally, Friday, April 30th at > the State Capitol in Lincoln, NE. Our goal is to raise awareness and push” >

    1. I am working on coordinating all the locations ppl are interested in. If you think there might be a better time or location for your area please let me know and I will make sure to note it in announcements so ppl in your area know and you’ll be able to share that info as well.

      Can you give me a call tomorrow – my number should be on the card i gave you! ❤

  2. Hello, Is the link to sign the petition working? Or have I just been scammed by ? I made a donation, but can’t sign the petition. Nothing shows up to sign. Weird, Marilyn Goure, 402-578-2955


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