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Tuesday, April 27th, 2021

1-2pm – Peaceful Protest Against the Omaha Mask Mandate

NAGO will have a presence out front of the Douglas County Civic Center at 1819 Farnam St in Downtown Omaha for a Peaceful Protest against the Omaha Mask Mandate.

We are happy to report that at this point in time it does seem that the Omaha City Council is going to allow the mandate to expire May 25th, 2021.
While we are THRILLED that the mandate is likely to expire, we want to caution our members from letting up on keeping our local government accountable. It is all too likely that while they allow the mandate to expire, they will use that time to “manufacture” a spike in cases pre-empting the newly elected City Council to not only push for a reintroduction of the mask mandate, but also poses the potential for them to push an emergency ordinance, thereby waiving the 3 separate hearings and streamlining the process, implementing a new mandate immediately. The potential for this scenario is all to possible.

With that being said it is EXTREMELY important that we encourage those than can vote in General Elections, to do so. We must not allow any additional mandate-pushing politicians to take a seat on the council.

Please consider volunteering your time or donating what you can to the Conservative Candidates running for office in Omaha.

6:30pm – Douglas County Central Committee Meeting (DCRP)

The monthly DCRP meeting will be held at the Omaha Marriott at Regency. You can get more details here.

This meeting presents an interesting opportunity for our members to ask questions about the endorsement of public officials that have made statements and votes that would signify the support of groups that do NOT support our LEOs.
The question has been asked in the past with no answer or denial of their involvement in such issues… despite visual proof.

Consider joining us at this months meeting and get involved with the people that make decisions that impact our day to day lives.

Friday, April 30th

10 – 11:30am – Arbor Day Tree Dedication – Dr. Joe Stothert

Freedom Rally USA is hosting their 1st Annual Arbor Day Tree Dedication at Memorial Park in Omaha, NE from 10am to 11:30am.

3pm – 6pm – 2A Rally – Lincoln NE

NAGO, Freedom Rally USA and Nebraska Firearm Owner’s Association are hosting a 2A Rally at the State Capitol in Lincoln NE from 3 – 6pm. There will be several speakers. Please feel free to bring signs and flags supporting our freedoms and pushing 2A supporting legislation.

Make signs pushing LB236, LB188 and other supporting 2A Legislation.

**Don’t forget to CALL & EMAIL the State Senators listed on the NFOA Call to Action

Facebook Event page: https://fb.me/e/PlziU8zy


It seems that there may be a reconsideration of the vote on LR14 tomorrow, Monday, April 26th. While NAGO is very middle ground on the topic of the Convention of States we want to make sure to share every opportunity with our members to voice their opinions and do so with those that make these very important decisions for us.


If you would like to express your opinions on LR14 which would add NE to the participating states in the Convention of States please contact your State Senators!!!

Consider Donating for Signs, Supporting Team Calls to Action, Growth for the Future, and the Facilitation of Public Outreach and Educational Distribution. 

Checkout the NAGO Store Today and Get a Shirt that Shows Your Support!!!

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Nebraskans Against Government Overreach is a grassroots group dedicated to halting the government overreach affecting citizens across Nebraska, preserving the Liberty of Nebraskans and raising public awareness on informed consent and individual civil rights.

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