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November 29th 2020 – V is for Vaccine Global Demo

Who here knows that the Covid-19 vaccine makers are exempt from liability?!

We’re here today to educate Omaha, Nebraska.

I’m here today because if my children ask me why they’re force vaccinated, microchipped and in house arrest, it will not be because I said nothing, did nothing.

This is MY issue.
This is YOUR issue.


November 24th – Fremont City Council Meeting

We traveled a short distance outside of my home city to speak before a neighboring town that is one of the dozens of cities across Nebraska trying to rush a mask mandate.
They did motion to table the mandate until after the Health Board has had their meeting and formed a recommendation.

November 14th 2020 – No Mask Omaha Peaceful Protest

We marched for Freedom! Freedom to choose our own treatment and prevention. We marched against the censorship our group has experienced because of emotions and irrational fear. We STAND even if no one else will, even when people hate us or speak badly of us. We will ALWAYS stand up to speak truth.

On this day we were standing up to local bullies. Omaha had recently enacted a mask mandate and with it came the bullies. Mandates have a tendency to embolden people to believe that it is their duty and right to confront others for not conforming. Even when the persons reason is a valid health concern.
With the sudden change in atmosphere for people who cannot or choose not to wear masks Nebraskans Against Government Overreach and No Mask Omaha held several group shopping events for members of the group to have the opportunity to get their groceries and have the support of others while doing so.

We had planned to have another shopping trip the evening of this event you’re now reading about. Unfortunately, a reporter in the Omaha area had taken offense at a billboard the No Mask Omaha group purchased just the day before, and caused a stir in the community. This lead to an infiltration of the group and the cause of our event’s cancellation.
While our intention was never to ruffle feathers, but simply to support each other through grocery shopping, we couldn’t continue the shopping trip.

However, we also couldn’t back down to the bullies.

So we shifted gears.

We would protest the public response and let our voices be heard and faces seen!

During our march we encounter much more positive feedback than negative feedback.

We had started at a local high school and walked across the street to stand on the public sidewalk in front of the grocery we had intended on shopping at.

We enjoyed each other’s company on this cold evening.

We sang.
We talked.
We laughed.

Many listened to Allie French as she walked through the crowd and conversed with some of the spectators in the comments of the live video.

October 26th 2020 – Omaha City Council meeting

Another powerful day at the Omaha City Council meeting where many true warriors spoke up for our freedoms! Thank you to each and everyone for using your voice, your expertise, your experience and showing true faith in God.

Dr. Lee Merritt

“There’s only so much time to get through everything you’re thinking and wanting to express – so I had to condense this quite a bit.”

-Allie French

“My name is Dr Tapper, and I am here to oppose this medical and government overreach.
I want to start by stating that no emergency or threat of any kind on this planet supersedes our inalienable rights of the constitution. These regulations are rooted and motivated by fear and propaganda.”

– Dr Ben Tapper

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October 10th 2020 – MMAMV Freedom Rally

Omaha MMAMV Freedom Rally was hosted by Nebraskans Against Government Overreach at Zorinksy Lake. What a wonderful turnout and fantastic speakers. We spoke before our amazing community about unconstitutional mandates and how we are taking action against them and why. Dr Lee Merritt gave amazing presentations – yet again! Scott Bush and his wife Angie presented a phenomenal and eye opening demonstration on various masks for effectiveness of filtration. Dr Ben Tapper, Allie French and Joe Hiatt each shared a powerful message that every Patriot can agree with!

Dr. Lee Merritt – Omaha MMAMV Freedom Rally

Scott Bush and his wife Angie – Mask Demonstration
Dr. Ben Tapper – Omaha MMAMV Freedom Rally
Allie French – Omaha MMAMV Freedom Rally
Joe Hiatt – Co-Founder of UWC and MMAMV Team Member

September 29th 2020 – Omaha City Council Meeting

Until this mandate and the concept of any others in the future have come to a screeching halt we will not comply, and we will not go away. The members of this city council cannot in good conscience vote to extend this unconstitutional, un-Christian, and un-safe mandate.

To view more videos and commentary click here.

September 22nd 2020 – Omaha City Council Protest and Interview

September 22nd Nebraskans Against Government Overreach held a peaceful protest, as we always do, prior to the City Council meeting.

“They’re either the most incompetent PHDs with an inability to analyze data and give an honest analysis OR they’re being driven by an agenda that has nothing to do with our community’s health”

Allie French gave an interview with local news in response to our consistent presence at the Omaha City Council Meetings.

Of course this interview never aired on local television – they couldn’t possibly deliver honest information or even let alone the “opinions” of a group in the local community.

September 20th 2020 – Freedom Rally in Lincoln

Today, we stood up for Freedom!!! It was great to see so many people that believe in America! We will always fight for our children. We will fight for their freedoms and the of the generations to come. There we many fantastic speakers including: Featuring Scott Presler, Benjamin Madsen, Janelle Folkert, Allie French, and others. Our numbers continue to grow as people recognize their responsibility to preserve and maintain ALL of our rights!

September 1st 2020 – Omaha City Council meeting

Speeches from Reggan N Brent Simons, Dr Ben Tapper and Allie French at the Omaha City Council as opponents of a resolution to give Adi Pour as acting City Health Director the legal grounds to implement mandates in response to a threat of epidemic.

August 11th 2020 – Omaha City Council Meeting

August 11th was the first public hearing held for a mask mandate in Omaha, Nebraska. The mask mandate was passed in a 7-0 vote and thus began the slippery slope of medical tyranny.

Dr Ben Tapper spoke with conviction and from the heart.
“I give God all the glory. Even though they passed the mandate. If God is for us who could ever stand against us?”

Allie French, founder and Omaha leader, spoke before the City Council in opposition to a city mask mandate. We knew we were walking into a meeting where the vote had already been determined.
They were not there to listen to us, but that won’t stop us.

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