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April 16th – Vaccine Talk with Dr Ben Tapper & Dr Lee Merritt

March 20th 2021 – World Wide Freedom Rally (Omaha & Kearney)

World Wide Rally for Freedom, Omaha Ne and World Wide Rally for Freedom, Kearney NE ! We SHOWED UP! We stood for Freedom, for Choice, for Informed Consent. We stand against government overreach and the mandates and restrictions imposed on us by power hungry politicians whom will never again enjoy the comfort of our silence.

Saturday, March 20th, we joined in a Global movement for Freedom!!! #wewillALLbethere

March 12th 2021 – Judiciary Committee (LB276)

We had a few members of Nebraskans Against Government Overreach and individuals from several other groups spoke in relation to LB276, you can listen to the full public hearing in the audio below.

LB276 – Hunt – Eliminate a requirement that the physician be physically present in the same room when an abortion is performed –

This bill is dangerous and reckless. A teleconference is not sufficient for the administration of such a medical procedure, nor do we need to make such a procedure that much more accessible. This bill creates the potential that women could be forced into a dangerous situation and removing the necessity for an in-person appointment reduces the chance that the physician might catch it. To introduce this legislation claiming it’s for women and the increased access to medical care is a farce.

March 3rd 2021 – Judiciary Committee (LB173, LB300, LB404, LB414, LB116)

Wednesday March 3rd was a big day for our 2nd Amendment right!! There was so many well thought out and solid testimony provided! Thank you to everyone who took the time to email and call our representatives and especially to those whom showed up!!!

Please continue to follow these bills and continue to voice your support!!! Nebraska Firearms Owners Association has posted several updates and follow up actions to ensure we’ve done all we can to support our 2nd Amendment rights.
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LB404 – Lowe – Change permit and renewal time periods under the Concealed Handgun Permit Act –
LB173 – Hansen, B. – Change provisions relating to carrying a concealed weapon –
LB116 – McCollister – Change provisions relating to handgun transfer certificates and require suicide prevention training and informational materials –
LB417 – Halloran – Authorize possession of a firearm on school grounds by a full-time, off-duty law enforcement officer –
LB300 – Slama – Change provisions relating to justification for the use of force –

February 24th 2021 – Government, Military and Veterans Affairs (LB188)

Last Wednesday 24 Leaders and Patriots of our great state came forward to SUPPORT LB188 – the 2nd Amendment Preservation Act, which would protect Nebraskans from unlawful seizure of their firearms due to Federal Ruling or regulations. Our right to bear arms is at the foundation of our great country and we must continue to defend that right for generations to come. Join us again this upcoming Wednesday, March 3rd, for a full day of 2A Legislation at the State Capitol and don’t forget to call/email your reps!

Patricia Harrold โ€“ President of NFOA gives her testimony to the Government, Military and Veterans Affair committee on LB188 – 2A Preservation Act.

Patricia Harrold, has been a member of the NFOA Board of Directors since 2014.  She’s a proud USAF Veteran, mother of 2, and Defense Contractor at Offutt AFB. She’s called Nebraska home since 2018 after serving in several places across the country and the world.  She’s a firearms instructor and training counselor, with multiple credentials and spends her evenings and weekends offering classes at her local range Omaha Gun Club.  She also serves as the Nebraska State Leader of The Well Armed Woman Shooting (TWAW) Chapters and TWAW Regional Trainer for South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas and Missouri.

Join Nebraska Firearm Owners Association here.

View more testimony here from LB188.

February 19th 2021 – Health & Human Services Committee Hearing (LB637)

Another day spent at the state capitol in opposition to LB637 which would allow majorly appointed local health boards to implement mandates in response to infectious disease without the need for state or city approval.

View more videos and commentary… here.

February 4th 2021 – Health & Human Services Committee Hearing (LB643 & LB447)

Nebraskans Against Government Overreach showed up in full force for the Support of LB643 ( to protect our right to choice should a vaccine mandate be implemented ) and to Oppose LB447 ( to remove an exemption and require reporting of vaccine status by childcare providers electronically ).

View more video and commentary from our members… click here.

February 2nd 2021 – Omaha City Council Meeting

On February 2nd, 46 of the Omaha community spoke in opposition to the mask mandate. The reasons all varied some but at the end of the day these advisors and city council members (with the exception of maybe 2) are too far consumed by expert worship to even begin to understand what we’re saying.

Nonetheless, even if they can’t hear our message, our hopes that others might is far greater a reason to be there.

Despite the amazing testimony and unsurmountable evidence to our case the City Council voted for yet another extension. The mask mandate is now in place until May 25th 2021.

We have said and done everything we can. Dr Lee Merritt left them with a few final words – well aware the council was going to vote the way they were going to vote.

Kathleen Kauth gave excellent testimony. She is also running for city council in Omaha for District 5.

Kathleen has been consistently involved in standing up for our communities civil liberties and in our opinion would make a fantastic council member.

Tyiesha Kosmicki delivered a powerful blow to Festersen in her testimony given at the city council meeting. City Councilmen Pete Festersen has also been a long-time employee of CHI – this should be an obvious conflict of interest.

Tyiesha is also running for City Council in district 1 to replace Festersen. An obvious step up!

Dr Trino Nuno is a local dentist to the Omaha area. He gave by far some of the best testimony in opposition to a mask mandate.
As a medical professional it was an honor to have his input on the matter.

More videos and commentary coming soon… click here.

January 9th 2020 – Ben Sasse Protest

January 9th Nebraskans Against Government Overreach joined in support of a peaceful protest of Senator Ben Sasse. This Senator has failed the constituents of Nebraska. There are ongoing actions to censure Senator Sasse. At this time the SCC meeting at which time a censure could be presented has been delayed. (Update: 2.11.2021)

January 5th 2021 – Seward City Council Meeting

The same evening that the Papillion City Council held a meeting, Seward also had a City Council meeting happening. Dr Tapper and Allie French rushed from one meeting to the other in hopes of supporting both cities.

Allie French quickly covered:
NOWHERE in the Constitution is there a promise for a hospital bed.
NEVER has there been a clinical observation of asymptomatic spread.
The test are faulty. The data is fudged.
Mandates for non-pharmacuetical intervention is still medical intervention and is a violation of the US and NE Constitution.
Mandates create hostility and lack of respect for others.
Just because you can’t SEE someone’s reason for not masking DOESN’T mean they don’t have a valid reason.

Danna brought it home with solid facts and sound reasoning. Danna has been a solid leader in the Seward area and is the point of contact for the Seward area.

Their team is ever growing and will actively work to preserve their Liberty.

More videos and commentary coming soon… click here.

January 5th 2021 – Papillion City Council Meeting

Papillion’s City Council meeting was unlike many of the other meetings we have attended in the past year. The decorum of many of the city council members was atrocious. No matter their opinions the attitude and verbal attacks on others should be the final straw for ANY citizen of this city to never re-elect them again.

Dr Ben Tapper delivered yet another spectacular speech.

Local Pastor James Tyler gave a thoughtful and passionate testimony about why he was not going to comply and even more so has instructed his congregation to not comply with unjust, unconstitutional mandates such as this mask mandate. City Council member Mumguard had attacked Pastor James Tyler with false facts about a Supreme Court ruling from 1905.

Most people assume the 1905 ruling was for compulsory vaccines, but when you examine this ruling it is actually about the tax for those whom reject the vaccine.
At this point Allie French took the time to stand up for a local leader that did not deserve to be treated as such and correct the misinformation.

Edward nailed it when he expressed to the council that if they should not run for re-election if they are going to continue the government overreach.

Ultimately, after all testimony was given, a few of the city council members attempted to waive the 3rd reading in order to pass it that evening in an emergency vote. They did not, however, get the super majority vote needed and therefore the ordinance failed… to view more clips from the January 5th city council meeting in Papillion click here.

December 22nd 2020 – Wahoo Victory

This evening Wahoo not only shot down the mask mandate through the city council but voided the mask mandate put forth by the health board. When the people rise up, the people have the power! When the people are immune to propoganda the people have the power! When the people take action our freedoms are perserved!

Thank you to everyone who came out this evening and a special thanks to Courtney and Barb for rallying the locals and providing a space for the people to peaceably assemble as our forefathers intended us to do!

December 21st – Beatrice City Council Meeting

Our country has a history of propogating pandemics in order to control. If they feed society the fear of a virus long enough, even a majorly benign illness, too many people have proven they will freely give up their rights.

“Unless we put medical freedom into the Constitution, the time will come when medicine will organize into an undercover dictatorship to restrict the art of healing to one class of Men and deny equal privileges to others; the Constitution of the Republic should make a Special privilege for medical freedoms as well a religious freedom.” -Benjamin Rush

We are at this point in time. When government infringes on our rights it is the people’s responsibility to not only disobey, but to rise up and correct it.

“First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out – because I was not a socialist.
Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out – because I was not a trade unionist.
Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out – because I was not a Jew.
Then they came for me – and there was no one left to speak for me.” – Martin Neimoller, German Pastor who resisted the Nazis.

Many excellent speakers came forward today. The board motioned to pass the mask mandate with minor amendments to the prior mandate.

To view our other speakers click here.

December 18th – Community Christmas Party

Thank you to everyone who joined us for our Community Christmas Party! What a wonderful time and excellent people!! Our event hosted 150 people in the metro community all with a desire to stand up for our freedoms. Dr Merritt, Dr Tapper and Allie French each delivered wonderful speeches – discussing mandates, underlying agendas and the next steps to preserving our liberty here in the Omaha area.

December 7th 2020 – O’Neill City Council Meeting

O’Neill did not pass a mandate! Only a resolution which is a strong recommendation!

That’s a win for the books! Thank you to all of the great citizens of this town that can and spoke before the City Council with conviction and evidence that allowed the council to rule constitutionally and uphold their communities rights.

December 1st 2020 – Papillion City Council Meeting

December 1st Nebraskans Against Government Overreach showed up for the Papillion City Council meeting. Many spoke in opposition.

“This is serious! Our country is following a path that we should not be allowing. The citizens of this great country MUST recognize the severity of our situation.” – Allie French

Tim Hall
Tonya Cloyd

To view more videos of the testimony given by the many patriots click here.

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