NAGO Timeline

June 14th – School Board Meetings

Members of NAGO, concerned parents, grandparents and students themselves, spoke up at the various School Board meetings across the state of Nebraska.

No longer will we sit by silently.
Coordinated actions are coming.
We will hold each of you accountable, on every level, from local schools to state government.

We are going to take back our country. If it’s the last thing we do.

With that, NAGO sends out an open letter to all school districts across Nebraska.

Nebraska Schools,
We have two point to cover.

It is unacceptable to attempt to coerce parents into accepting experimental injections for their children with the promise of getting their oxygen back or avoiding segregatory consequences.

With the recent executive orders signed by Ricketts ending covid related DHMs, masking should not only be a completely free and optional choice from here on out but we insist that it is implemented into your school’s and teachers training that they are not to discriminate on their students for their own medical decisions – however now we have a visual reminder.

With that being said we are here because you’ve proven that if you can, you will. If you can get away with mandates, you will. If you can ignore us, you will. If you can indoctrinate our children you will. If you can coerce, bully or intimidate, you will. Often times you do these things in the “name of science”. Science that if it were 10 years ago would have been labeled dangerous quackery promoted by communist regimes.

Doctors are statistically the colder more clinical of individuals, some label them psychopaths. That is why they do the job they do and you do the job you do. You have to consider their very cold, clinical recommendations and apply them to children. Abusing children for a virus that they are not susceptible to nor spreading on the recommendations of a non-governing body is insanity.

Leave the kids alone, let the kids be kids.

Which brings us to the second point.
We are calling on ALL the school districts to publicly denounce CRT/CSE! There is no place for it in AMERICA’S schools. We have zero tolerance for division, manipulation and control of our children. They will not be made into victims nor shamed for who they are.

The free thinking Americans are fed up, we will be free. End this abuse, for you will NEVER achieve the level of conformity that would satisfy this maniacal need for control.
Quit fueling a politicized agenda and get back to normal.

View full post here.

June 5th – 2A Freedom Rally w/Freedom Rally USA & Nebraska Firearm Owner’s Association

Thank you to those who spoke, Breland Ridenour, Denise Bradshaw, Matt Barros, Senator Rob Clements, Jennifer Hicks, Tyler Henningsen, Trisha Harold (with Nebraska Firearms Owners Association), and of course Nebraskans Against Government Overreach’s Allie Frenchhank you for taking time out of your Saturday to speak to all those that came to listen.We have beautiful weather and events to battle all summer long, but fight we will continue until every county in Nebraska is a 2A Sanctuary County.

May 29th – MMAMV Global Demonstration

Nebraskans Against Government Overreach hosted the Omaha MMAMV event as part of the Global Demonstration reaching millions around the world on May 29th 2021. Over a hundred showed up to stand against mandates with nothing but support from traffic!!

May 18th – Oppose LR118

On May 18th we spoke before the Executive Committee in Opposition to another stunt by Sen Hunt. LR118 was the triggered response to the conservative state of NE standing up to the usurpers within our government and would reaffirm their oath (which Sen Hunt called unnecessary in her opening statement) promising to uphold our rights and reject the unconstitutional actions looming in threat. LR118 disregards the very REAL, very CONSTANT censorship that is occurring in this country, which Hunt insists in her closing is not occurring in this country. She should be grateful we are not a democracy… it’s thanks to our great Constitutional Republic that she still has a job.
P.s. She didn’t take us up on the offer for a public viewing of the evidence

May 14th – Protect Our Children Protest

Friday May 14th we had a Successful PROTECT OUR CHILDREN Protest across dozens of districts across the state of Nebraska! 🙌
#NAGO #FamilyFirst #PreservingOurLiberty #RiseUp #forTheKids

May 6th – LR107 Public Testimony

Thursday May 6th LR107 had a Public Hearing before the Executive Committee. This Resolution is a true non-partisan legislation. However, those who oppose LR107 continue to obsess over furthering the division. Senator Hunt and Senator Blood lead this attack with several absurd amendments to LR107 (AM1380 – 1385, Hunt & AM1276, Blood) meant to overwhelm the Committee and prevent the passage of LR107. #NAGO#PRESERVINGOURLIBERTY

April 30th – 2A Rally in Lincoln NE

Our 2nd Amendment Rally was a success!! Thank you to all who came out, our awesome speakers, our co-hosts with Freedom Rally USA and Nebraska Firearms Owners Association and most especially to Breland Ridenour, Candidate for Governor of Nebraska, who delivered our greatest speech of the day. This is a man who truly understands, respects and will guard our rights and freedoms protected by our Constitution. #NAGO #PreservingOurLiberty #RiseUp #2A

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