NAGO Timeline

HW4MF and WorldWide Rally for Freedom 3.5 – August 29th

View the live video here.

Healthcare Workers for Medical Freedom Rally – August 23rd & 24th

Over 700 healthcare workers, NAGO members and community members across Nebraska joined us on 41st and Dodge to peacefully protest the implementation of a vaccine mandate in our states healthcare system.

Aug 23rd
Watch the live video here: pt1

Watch the live video here: pt2

Aug 24th
Watch the live video here:

August 16th – Elkhorn Public School Board Meeting – Masks Remain Optional!

August 7th – State University Vax Passport Protest & Freedom Rally

It’s time we put our actions where our mouth is. If you can’t get it done via phone call or email or 3min testimony… then it’s time to bring it to their door. #opposeVaccinePassports #endMedicalDiscrimination #riseUp

August 6th – State Board of Education Meeting

Today Nebraskans showed up and spoke before the NDE concerning the proposed health standards. We had many phenomenal speakers including our Founder & Leader Allie French

Thank you to the hundreds of Nebraskans that showed up today for the Nebraska Department of Education meeting for the 2nd draft of the proposed health standards! The speakers and collaboration of the many groups in Nebraska is amazing! We will continue to stand for our children and future generations.

View more amazing testimony from the hearing here.

July 24th – World Wide Freedom Rally 3.0, Omaha, NE.

Thank you to all who came out today!

June 17th – Community Learning Planning Committee Meeting

This is going to be a long post… we hope you all stick with us. Yesterday was the Community Learning Coordinating council meeting, several of our groups were present for this meeting and gave phenomenal commentary which we have shared below. Some label it brave, or equate it to walking into the lions den, and while we stand by our commentary… we don’t think anyone left feeling good about this meeting. The divide is real. Many of us spoke but our words were not listened to because we’d already been labeled the enemy. Even when there seemed to be many points on both sides that everyone in that room agreed with. The programmed assumptions impeded an open discussion. We should be talking about American ideology, core academics, honest educational material – for all Americans and the world, fostering high achievers, maybe how to encourage self sustaining skills that will benefit themselves and our community in the future. It would be best to teach our teachers how to instill the drive to be productive. The drive to accomplish something great even with nothing. Rather than an agenda that is constantly pushing them into feeling inadequate – whether as the perpetrator or the victim. What if we acknowledged assumptions on both sides? …by design… What if the government didn’t tell either of us the truth? What if the not so obvious establishment has us pit against each other and either way they win? What if the not so obvious establishment on the right has us all convinced you assume we’re racist? What if the left has you convinced that those who wish to preserve a free un-indoctrinated country are the enemy? Do you see the common problem. A politicized agenda. And it falls on both sides, with a common goal – to keep us fighting while they continue to remove our civil liberties and yes white-wash AND dilute our history – the good and the bad. What if the answer is to reduce their power and money (give it to whomever) and fix the curriculum – because it’s flat out wrong, for everyone. What if, even if we don’t agree on the ideology of things, we can agree we have a problem and my greater hope is that we can agree on the common “enemy”. What if we gave the descendants of slaves reparations? Has anyone looked at what they’re actually asking for? What effect would that have? Our prisons do need reform and we agree expansion is not the answer. We’re likely not on the same page with the public health, but we hope we get the chance to be heard because we feel we have a good solution. The education part we actually think there’s a compromise and we believe it can be a collective effort – you point out that they gave a faked benefit when introducing separate history, that it’s all American history, we have known for a long time that our public school history classes were wrong and seemed to be changing – but you don’t know what you’re never made aware of – as adults, we have to take responsibility and figure it out, which is why we went through the RAP site. To be honest, we don’t know enough information at this point to form an opinion, but what we do know is that this topic has been politicized so terribly it can make it difficult to take a step back. The concern is that bc of the politicized nature we can’t get behind introducing an ideology into public schools, BUT, we can 100% get behind a fixing of the curriculum. That being said. Our schools suck in other places too. We’d really like to see us focus on reviving core academics as well – Denise made very good points about that, again, fostering high achievers, encouraging self sustaining skills. Teaching our teachers how to instill the drive to be productive. The drive to accomplish something great even with nothing which is what many have been doing all their lives of all colors. Would that be enough? Are proponents of CRT and anti-racist teaching really asking for socialism/communism? Can we achieve reciprocity and still preserve the bill of rights, our constitutional republic? We’re all for rewriting legislation to achieve clarity and equality – where is it that we start? What’s at the top of the list? We try our hardest to get it right. To be honest, fair, and non-judgmental – we do our very best to love and treat others as God intended. At the end of the day we are all God’s creation. We all are unified in the fact that we want better for our children’s future – but at this point in time the racial divide we’ve been thrust into seems to be a convenient distraction strategically placed to perpetuate the hostility and disrupt conversation.

View other videos here.

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