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NAGO Members,

We’d hoped to be in the first full week of our petition to End the Omaha Mask Mandate. Unfortunately, we were railroaded in procedural sabotage. NAGO has all intentions of following through with the petition, however, with the news that our efforts wouldn’t be put onto the ballot until the 2022 elections, we’ve decided to refocus our efforts on the upcoming City Council meetings at which they’re likely to re-introduce the mask mandate for another extension.

Tuesday, April 13th, 2021

With that in mind, on Tuesday we will be holding our Peaceful Protest against the Omaha Mask Mandate at 1pm in front of the Douglas County Civic Center at 1819 Farnam St. This is a family friendly event! Bring your signs and smiling faces – we will also have plenty of signs for others!

Please join us! Show the City Council that we are NOT going away. #noMandates

Friday, April 16th, 2021

Our Warrior, Dr. Ben Tapper, is holding a Vaccine Talk on April 16th at 6:30pm in Fremont, NE. Dr. Tapper has been a huge advocate for Medical, Personal, and Individual Freedom. Recently, he was lumped in with the ‘Dis-information Dozen’, a slanderous title that proves just how important Dr. Tapper’s work has been and will continue to be. More information to come about this event.

Looking Forward!!!

May 29th, 2021 we will be holding an MMAMV Event in Omaha, NE. This is a Global Demonstration! Australia has about a dozen events planned. New Zealand, Canada, and at least 9 States in the US are all being planned. On May 29th we will #Unite around the world with the mission of raising public awareness about the agenda of mandatory vaccinations and providing informed consent to our communities about mRNA injections.

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Nebraskans Against Government Overreach is a grassroots group dedicated to halting the government overreach affecting citizens across Nebraska, preserving the Liberty of Nebraskans and raising public awareness on informed consent and individual civil rights.

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  1. I was thinking Dr Tapper was speaking May 16 until I saw him this morning , it is April 16, I saw that in the body of the letter, but May 16 is what caught my eye.

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