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Nebraskans Against Government Overreach has put out several calls to action for opposition to LB88 – “Protect free speech rights of student journalists and student media advisers”. Today, we are pressing even harder. Our opposition is being heard on the Senate Floor – they are aware, and we make them nervous!

“As much as we would like to support such a bill, this is a bad bill being sold under the guise of the protection of student’s 1st Amendment rights. The language of this bill and interpretation leads us to believe this bill will be abused to push through a liberal agenda and prevent recourse for such abuse.”

Several Republican Senators are under the delusion that this bill is a bi-partisan action that will protect all students equally and gives further protections to their civil rights. Unfortunately, when you take a closer look, you’ll find this is completely untrue. One of the many activist groups pushing hard for the passage of LB88 is “Student Press Law Center” . After further browsing of their content, these Senators cannot tell us that the push for LB88 isn’t to condone and promote this material: https://splc.org/2020/06/student-coverage-of-george-floyd-protests/ .

With that being said we have several key Republican Senators that we should be contacting daily in order to pressure them into doing the right thing. Right now, they are more scared of the LEFT than they are of US. We need to fix that!

  • Geist (R) – voted Yes at Cloture & Advance
    • Phone: 402.471.2731
    • Email: sgeist@leg.ne.gov
    • Geist needs specific messages because she publicly admitted at a local meeting to vote trading – although she called it “giving her word”
  • Linehan (R) – voted Yes at Cloture
    • Phone: 402.471.2885
  • Hilgers (R) – voted Yes at Cloture
    • Phone: 402.471.2673
    • Email: mhilgers@leg.ne.gov
    • Hilgers needs specific messages because he’s the Speaker and trying to make the left happy – he’s currently more scared of the Left than Us.
  • Hilkemann (R) – voted Yes at Cloture
  • Pahls (R) – voted Yes at Cloture
  • Stinner (R) – voted Yes at Cloture

Voting Yes at Cloture is as good as a Yes vote across the board. If these Senators had voted NO – the bill would be dead. Unfortunately, these Senators for one reason or another have voted WRONG.

This isn’t just about only this bill either. This fight is universal to ANYTHING we would fight down there. This is a way to establish our power. We must hold our conservative representatives to a higher and more scrupulous standard than our opposition.

In addition to the key Senators listed above that we have a good chance of swaying with the right pressure. We’d like to to call on our members to CALL OUT Senator Slama for adding her name to LB88 as one of the sponsors and continuing to insist this bill is of pure intentions. Her office number is: 402.471.2733 and Email: jslama@leg.ne.gov

Want to email them ALL at once!!! Copy/Paste 👇👇👇

raguilar@leg.ne.gov, jalbrecht@leg.ne.gov, jarch@leg.ne.gov, cblood@leg.ne.gov, ebostar@leg.ne.gov, bbostelman@leg.ne.gov, tbrandt@leg.ne.gov, tbrewer@leg.ne.gov, tbriese@leg.ne.gov, rclements@leg.ne.gov, jcavanaugh@leg.ne.gov, mcavanaugh@leg.ne.gov, jday@leg.ne.gov, wdeboer@leg.ne.gov, mdorn@leg.ne.gov, serdman@leg.ne.gov, mflood@leg.ne.gov, cfriesen@leg.ne.gov, sgeist@leg.ne.gov, tgragert@leg.ne.gov, mgroene@leg.ne.gov, shalloran@leg.ne.gov, bhansen@leg.ne.gov, mhansen@leg.ne.gov, mhilgers@leg.ne.gov, rhilkemann@leg.ne.gov, dhughes@leg.ne.gov, mhunt@leg.ne.gov, slathrop@leg.ne.gov, mkolterman@leg.ne.gov, blindstrom@leg.ne.gov, llinehan@leg.ne.gov, jlowe@leg.ne.gov, jmccollister@leg.ne.gov, mmcdonnell@leg.ne.gov, tmckinney@leg.ne.gov, amorfeld@leg.ne.gov, mmoser@leg.ne.gov, dmurman@leg.ne.gov, rpahls@leg.ne.gov, ppansingbrooks@leg.ne.gov, rsanders@leg.ne.gov, jslama@leg.ne.gov, jstinner@leg.ne.gov, tvargas@leg.ne.gov, lwalz@leg.ne.gov, jwayne@leg.ne.gov, mwilliams@leg.ne.gov, awishart@leg.ne.gov

Dear NE State Senator(s),

I am contacting you to urge you to vote no on LB88. This is a BAD bill that will certainly be used to push an agenda that’s already being imposed on our children from every angle they can get away with. Do not further aid our opposition in leveraging our school media with the purpose of further indoctrinating our children with biased left-wing perspectives.

[Your NAME]

Pressure is KEY!

If we want to affect change in the Unicameral – we must be CONSISTENT in our Pressure on these Senators! Do NOT let up! Consider setting an alarm, leaving yourself a note, send a generic message or as much personal detail as you like – send an Email and/or Call EACH DAY!

Petition to END the Mask Mandate in Omaha begins April 8th! Please consider donating towards our efforts: DONATE NOW!

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Nebraskans Against Government Overreach is a grassroots group dedicated to halting the government overreach affecting citizens across Nebraska, preserving the Liberty of Nebraskans and raising public awareness on informed consent and individual civil rights.

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