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Priority bills become the focus of the remaining 45 days (50%) of the 2021 Legislative Session, the probabilities of any of these bills being voted out of committee is now down in the 5% to 10% range! (Caution: these bills will carry over to 2022 and can be voted out of committee for floor debate in early January, so we will need to keep a watchful eye on them next year).

Here are the other legislative bills NAGO members were opposing:


Oppose – LB183 – Hunt: Discipline against hospitals on Sex Assault Emergency Care

Oppose – LB20 – Blood: Insurance for contraception

Oppose – LB229 – Hunt: Provide enhanced penalties for crimes done to sogi people

Oppose – LB230 – Hunt: Prohibit discrimination regarding gender identity

Oppose – LB231 – Hunt: Prohibit conversion therapy

Oppose – LB276 – Hunt: Physician need not be present at an abortion

Oppose – LB447 – M. Cavanaugh: Mandatory Immunizations of children in Licensed Day Care

Oppose – LB517 – Hunt: Gender neutral designation on Driver’s License/Birth Certs

Oppose – LB625 – Vargas: Early childhood education paid by tax surcharge

Oppose – LB67 – Day: Change provisions for school-based clinics

Oppose – LB89 – Morfeld: Health care decisions for children without parents

Oppose – LB97 – DeBoer: Minor children to be adopted by unmarried persons

Oppose – LR20CA – P-Brooks: Remove provisions regarding marriage

Oppose – LR27CA – M. Hansen: More power to gov’t before/after pandemic

Thank You to NAGO members who traveled to the Capitol to testify or emailed their letter of opposition!

Here are the other legislative bills NAGO members were supporting:


Suppoert – LB111 – Albrecht: First Responder Protection Act

Suport – LB112 – Albrecht: Citizens’ right to speak using Open Meetings Act

Support – LB133 – Erdman: EPIC Consumption Tax (nuts & bolts bill)

Support – LB167 – Geist: Protect Religious Freedoms

Support – LB282 – Albrecht: Repeal Obscenity Exemption K-12 students

Support – LR2CA – Wayne: Legalize cannabis for adults 21 years and older

Support – LB36 – Erdman: In God We Trust national motto in all Nebraska classrooms

Support  – LB435 – B. Hansen: Require official watermark on federal election ballots

Support – LB643 – B. Hansen: Liberty to accept or reject mandatory health directive

Support – LR11CA – Erdman: EPIC Consumption Tax

Support – LR3CA – Slama: Constitutional amendment for voter identity

Support – LB684 – Clements: School employees may leave labor unions at any time


Tuesday will be the 45th day of this legislative session which equals the midpoint of this 90-day session. Time will be tight for the rest of the session as the Speaker lengthened the amount of time for floor debate to 8 hours for General File, 4 hours for Select file, and 2 hours for Final Reading for a potential maximum of 14 hours per bill.

The quick math is 102 priority bills X 14 hours / bill = 1,428 potential hours needed for floor debate if every bill takes all 14 hours of debate time. 

45 days X 8 hours of floor debate / day =                             360 hours left

Less: estimated hours for budget debate =                         100 hours

Equals hours left for debate on non-budget items =         260 hours

          260 hours available = 18% of needed time for all bills at 8 hours/bill

        1,428 hours needed


NAGO Leaders will now review the list of prioritized bills to define the LBs that we want to support and the LBs that we want to oppose for the remainder of this session. Our goal will be to have that list to you later this week.

Click on the first red button for the list of all 102 Priority Bills.

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