NAGO Candidate Assessment

Vetting your candidate is just as important as your vote!

Your vote is your opportunity to elect an individual that will represent your voice. Unless you thoroughly vet these individuals you have no certainty that they will uphold the values they campaign on.

What does NAGO look for in a candidate?

Nebraska Candidates for Elected Office

Click on a Candidate Name for Available Candidate Campaign Page. Candidate Assessments will be attached below the Candidate’s name if available. Candidate Assessments score the individual based on the 10 Topics pictured above, a summary, and any pertinent evidence or observations.

*Subject to Change!!!
This list is Updated to our Current Knowledge. If any Updates are needed please contact us:

Additional Vetting Resources

In order to come to a fully informed decision on the candidates most deserving of your vote YOU must do the research too! Below are several resources available to the public that survey or provide opinions on local NE candidates.

***Additional resources may be added in the future. If you provide candidate and voter information services and would like to be added to our list of resources, contact us at

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