Candidate Assessment: Lindstrom, Brett (R)

NAGO Assessment:

1. Must be Peaceful, Respectful and Fully Law Abiding (#1 Rule of NAGO) – Not to be confused with complying to tyrannical or overreaching law. 

2. Supports and Participates in NAGO Calls to Action 
PASS/FAIL. Lindstrom has openly supported our efforts in public and typically votes in alignment with our efforts. Individuals affiliated with Lindstrom’s team have made regular appearances to past NAGO events and rallies.

3. Supports Individual Freedoms 
PASS. Lindstrom was one of the original co-signers for the call for a special session to address medical mandates. He supports and votes accordingly on 2A Rights, Pro-Life, and reduced taxes.

4. Supports and Participates with Liberty Minded NE Grassroots Efforts – Team Player 
PASS. While Lindstrom has yet to attend a NAGO event, he has shown tremendous support to Nebraska Firearm Owners Association as well as attending Freedom Rally USA and the Republican Liberty Caucus of Nebraska events.

5. Attends Local Meetings 
PASS/FAIL. Lindstrom has yet to attend any local city council, state board of education or local school board meetings. He does however regularly attend GOP meetings and events.

6. Presents a Sense of Patriotism 
FAIL. In our many interactions with Lindstrom a Sense of Patriotism is not received from him. Husker spirit however, absolutely.

7. Outspoken/Well-spoken on Inalienable Rights 
FAIL. Aside from a few posts or emails asking for donations to fight for inalienable rights, Lindstrom stays away from the more controversial issues.

8. Doesn’t Cater to False Narratives 
PASS/FAIL. Lindstrom often stops just short of truly avoiding catering to False Narratives.

9. Acts/Serves/Talks/Promises in the Best Interest of Others – Type of Leader 
PASS. While Lindstrom has a voting record that we don’t always agree with, he has always been open to new information and making a different choice after deliberation.

10. Prior Involvement/Achievements in Liberty Minded Efforts or Government
PASS. Lindstrom has had positive involvement in both Liberty Minded and government efforts.

SCORE: 6.5/10

Summary of Candidate

Brett Lindstrom is the typical politician candidate. He has had positive involvement with NAGO, other grassroots efforts, and local government. We do appreciate his ability to work with others as a strong team player. Unfortunately, Lindstrom is lacking in the outspoken go-getter attitude we need to preserve our liberties and turn this country around.

Pertinent Evidence & Observations

NAGO In-Person Interactions

***Updates may occur in the future.

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