Candidate Assessment: Hunt, Megan (D)

NAGO Assessment:

1. Must be Peaceful, Respectful and Fully Law Abiding (#1 Rule of NAGO) – Not to be confused with complying to tyrannical or overreaching law. 
FAIL. While Hunt’s supporters likely consider her to be all of the above, her stunt during the 2021 legislative session as she introduced LR118, makes it painfully obvious that this is not true.

2. Supports and Participates in NAGO Calls to Action 
FAIL. Hunt does NOT support our efforts.

3. Supports Individual Freedoms 
FAIL. Hunt openly denies the attacks on our 1st and 2nd Amendment Rights. During the 2021 legislative session she brazenly stated that there is no attack on our rights.

4. Supports and Participates with Liberty Minded NE Grassroots Efforts – Team Player 
FAIL. While Hunt supports grassroots efforts, they are not Liberty Minded ones.

5. Attends Local Meetings 

6. Presents a Sense of Patriotism 
FAIL. Megan Hunt wouldn’t know what Patriotism feels like even if Red “put his boot up her a**”.

7. Outspoken/Well-spoken on Inalienable Rights 
FAIL. The only rights Hunt seems to be outspoken on are the “rights” of the LGBQT community.

8. Doesn’t Cater to False Narratives 
FAIL. Hunt is the epitome of false narrative peddler.

9. Acts/Serves/Talks/Promises in the Best Interest of Others – Type of Leader 

10. Prior Involvement/Achievements in Liberty Minded Efforts or Government

SCORE: 0/10

Summary of Candidate

Megan Hunt openly admits to being a socialist. However, she receives a 0 out of 10 due to her disrespect towards the Liberty Minded individuals delivering testimony during public comment at the State Capitol.

Pertinent Evidence & Observations

LR118 Closing Remarks from Senator Hunt

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