Candidate Assessment: Hicks, Jennifer (R)

NAGO Assessment:

1. Must be Peaceful, Respectful and Fully Law Abiding (#1 Rule of NAGO) – Not to be confused with complying to tyrannical or overreaching law. 
FAIL. Hicks conduct on social media crosses the line into disrespectful when disagreeing with someone. Hicks even refers to herself as being labeled as a “Mean Girl”. Hicks also shows blind support for her Firewall team which 2/3s of have been charged with criminal offenses and she continues to make excuses rather than acknowledge their wrongdoings and ensuring a growth of character or repentance for their actions.

2. Supports and Participates in NAGO Calls to Action 
FAIL. Hicks has made statements of complete disassociation from NAGO. Prior to our rescindment of Connely for Governor, Hicks was an admin of NAGO and Fully supported the Calls to Action.

3. Supports Individual Freedoms 
PASS/FAIL. Hicks supports the preservation of our freedoms, sometimes at the risk of violating opposing individual’s rights. It is a narrow rode we hope Hicks ends up on the right side of.

4. Supports and Participates with Liberty Minded NE Grassroots Efforts – Team Player 
FAIL. Hicks has with the collaboration of several other candidates developed their own grassroots effort, however, their “teamwork” ends there. She has isolated herself and their group efforts due to their inability to work with others without berating them.

5. Attends Local Meetings 
PASS/FAIL. Hicks does her darndest to be at every meeting possible, however, due to her lack of tact and strategy, she has been banned from attending many group’s or various organization’s meetings.

6. Presents a Sense of Patriotism 
FAIL. There is no doubt Hicks message is filled with words meant to instill Patriotism, unfortunately, a vast majority of her message comes across unhinged and brings harm to the Peaceful, Respectful, and Fully Law-Abiding approach of the Grassroots Freedom Movement.

7. Outspoken/Well-spoken on Inalienable Rights 
FAIL. Hicks is likely the most aggressive and outspoken candidate. Hicks primary focus has been on securing our elections. What starts out as a strong message quickly becomes unhinged. The solutions provided by Hicks leave us with the clear picture that she doesn’t have a solid grasp of the process and statutes within our state. In order to push her agenda she will claim falsehoods about the interpretation or existence of statutes and law.

8. Doesn’t Cater to False Narratives 
FAIL. Hicks downright refuses to cater to any level of a fake narrative, unless it comes from her own team. Recently, the Firewall team (Connely, Hicks, and Schroeder) have launched a full on smear campaign against other candidates and organizations that don’t bow to their will.

9. Acts/Serves/Talks/Promises in the Best Interest of Others – Type of Leader 
FAIL. Hicks absolutely aims to serve in the best interest of those whom agree with her. However, Hicks lacks the skills to efficiently lead due to her aggressive tendencies. These tendencies make the ability to be a team player with those whom disagree unlikely.

10. Prior Involvement/Achievements in Liberty Minded Efforts or Government
PASS/FAIL. Hicks has zero chance of being an establishment politician. Prior to the 2020 Presidential election, Hicks had zero political involvement. Since that time Hicks has been engulfed in the efforts led by Michael Connely and completely violated her own values to act with integrity and honesty.

SCORE: 1.5/10

Summary of Candidate

Jennifer Hicks was a former NAGO Admin and strong advocate for Preserving Our Liberty until an unfortunate split. Hicks was in this fight for the right reasons, to preserve the freedoms of this country for her children. Unfortunately, following the rushed allegiance to Michael Connely, their desire to implement protections for their vested interests have crossed the line towards infringing on the rights of those with opposing viewpoints. As a candidate for Attorney General, we feel this presents a concern.

It is also important to understand Jennifer Hicks is NOT a lawyer. An attribute most would expect from their Attorney General. If Jennifer were to win this election, she would be unable to perform a vast majority of her duties, most importantly, she would not able to litigate on behalf of Nebraska.

Pertinent Evidence & Observations

NAGO In-Person Interactions

Here we’re watching Jennifer Hicks berate Stan, an invaluable leader for the Election Integrity efforts here in Nebraska. However, because Stan is not pushing their efforts exactly as Jennifer deems necessary, this is the treatment he receives at public GOP events.

She has done the same to several other elected officials, candidates for various offices, and community leaders.
This treatment goes on for some time.

The conversation viewed below takes place on the NAGO Telegram chat between Allie French, Jennifer Hicks, and several other NAGO members. In this conversation they discuss the initiatives (3 months ago) being pushed, their use of manipulation and blatant lies to commit election manipulation, and the desire to simply be heard and have a discussion rather than go in circles or be berated.

***Updates may occur in the future.

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