Candidate Assessment: Borer, Bob (R)

NAGO Assessment:

1. Must be Peaceful, Respectful and Fully Law Abiding (#1 Rule of NAGO) – Not to be confused with complying to tyrannical or overreaching law. 

2. Supports and Participates in NAGO Calls to Action 
PASS. Borer has been a supporter and active participant of NAGO since its conception in mid 2020.

3. Supports Individual Freedoms 
PASS. There are far fewer individuals that support freedoms for all as much as Bob Borer.

4. Supports and Participates with Liberty Minded NE Grassroots Efforts – Team Player 
PASS. Borer has been active with various Liberty-Minded Grassroots Efforts in Lincoln and across the state.

5. Attends Local Meetings 
PASS. Borer attends local GOP meetings, School Board meetings, SBOE meetings, City Council meetings, and any other meeting or event that is pertinent to preserving our liberties.

6. Presents a Sense of Patriotism 
PASS. Without a doubt, Borer is one of the most patriotic individuals we’ve had the pleasure of working with. His words and actions are guided by his devout relationship with the Lord and this is obvious within a very short time spent with Bob.

7. Outspoken/Well-spoken on Inalienable Rights 
PASS. Over the last several years since his retirement, Borer has taken every opportunity to speak out for our Inalienable Rights. Throughout the NAGO timeline, you will see Borer present and extremely articulate in conveying our message.

8. Doesn’t Cater to False Narratives 
PASS. Never, not once, and won’t ever!

9. Acts/Serves/Talks/Promises in the Best Interest of Others – Type of Leader 
PASS. Borer has been a servant of We the People his entire life. He doesn’t ask, but will give everything to stand and be present for what is righteous.

10. Prior Involvement/Achievements in Liberty Minded Efforts or Government
Borer has been extensively involved in Liberty Minded efforts aim to preserve our liberties and halt the mandate agenda. Bob led efforts for the LNK Recall of the tyrannical Mayor Leiron Baird. He was always a major supporter of Madsen’s Bowling & Billiards as well as many of the other local businesses that were apart of the lawsuit for standing up to the overreaching medical mandates.

SCORE: 10/10

Summary of Candidate

Bob Borer has been a avid proponent for Election Integrity and our Medical Freedom. He is an involved leader and member of NAGO, NVAP, Lancaster County GOP and his community. Borer has not only been a regular presence at any and every event or meeting possible, but he will also be the first to stand for what is right and for what is true.

Pertinent Evidence & Observations

At the core THIS is Bob Borer!

***Updates may occur in the future.

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