Candidate Assessment: Armendariz, Christy (R)

NAGO Assessment:

1. Must be Peaceful, Respectful and Fully Law Abiding (#1 Rule of NAGO) – Not to be confused with complying to tyrannical or overreaching law. 

2. Supports and Participates in NAGO Calls to Action 
Christy has expressed support for our efforts. However, there has not been an opportunity yet for Christy to be involved in our efforts.

3. Supports Individual Freedoms 
Christy supports Individual Freedoms and the free market that is stimulated by free people.

4. Supports and Participates with Liberty Minded NE Grassroots Efforts – Team Player 
Christy has had positive engagement with Protect Nebraska Children, Republican Party of Nebraska Liberty Caucus, and much of the community of Bennington.

5. Attends Local Meetings 
Christy has been active in attending all the local meetings she can. However, Christy has faced obstacles from the Douglas County Republican Party (more so a certain few amongst the executive board) that have deterred her from being involved. We support her commitment and dedication to continue to run and stand for her principles despite these attempts to dissuade her from running.

6. Presents a Sense of Patriotism 
Christy has done a fair job the few opportunities we’ve had to hear from her.

7. Outspoken/Well-spoken on Inalienable Rights 
Christy has expressed that a free market is the best way – that to have a successful and prosperous market you must support all Inalienable Rights of the individual.

8. Doesn’t Cater to False Narratives 
Christy has done a solid job of not catering to False Narratives and sticking to the facts of the situation allowing her to focus on the community effects and solutions.

9. Acts/Serves/Talks/Promises in the Best Interest of Others – Type of Leader 
NAGO has appreciated the level of engagement Christy has had in the communities of her district. The live video updates she has done have been both informative and an accessible method for the general public.

10. Prior Involvement/Achievements in Liberty Minded Efforts or Government
Christy has had prior Involvement in supporting legislation that would expand the telecommunications market in the hopes of providing consumers a more affordable/fairly priced services.

SCORE: 9/10

Summary of Candidate

Christy’s main goal shared has been to get control of the budget. To audit, to eliminate wasteful spending, and optimize the budget made available to the unicameral. Christy holds a strong position for supporting a free market where the government isn’t picking the winners and losers or aiding vested interests at the expense of the citizens of this state. Medical freedom is not necessarily a major talking point of Christy’s platform, however, both her stated support and natural minded approach for her own family’s health and wellness provides us confidence she would approach issues related to medical decisions with open-mindedness of alternate viewpoints and the right to make this decisions.

Pertinent Evidence & Observations

***Updates may occur in the future.

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