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Nebraskans Against Government Overreach is excited to announce The People’s Convoy is coming through NEBRASKA on May 9th – 11th!

The convoy will be traveling along i-80. Nebraskans from all corners of the state are encouraged to join like-minded patriots at their nearest i-80 overpass with flags, signs, and their patriotic spirit.

The People’s Convoy is making its way across the US and is projected to reach Nebraska on Monday!!

With such short notice Nebraskans across the state are rallying together to provide a positive experience and support the message of ending the National C.19 Emergency Declaration!

**Above we have provided ESTIMATED times for the planned overnights and stops.
**We will do our best to provide prompt updates should there be any delays.

Please join us at your nearest i-80 overpass around the estimated time frame with flags, signs, and your patriotic spirit as we stand in support of The People’s Convoy!

The People’s Convoy will be making their final overnight stop in Waco, NE on TUESDAY, May 10th! They’re estimated to arrive around 5pm CST.

Cajun Prairie will be setting up in support of the convoy efforts and has collaborated with us to provide meals to the convoy participants!

If you would like to help cover the cost of a meal(s) for the men, women and families traveling in stand for our freedoms, please scan the QR code above ā˜ļø $10 = 1 meal.

We will have a team on-site to sell and distribute purchased tickets.

*No proceeds are made in the process.
*All online donations/purchases are tracked and verifiable.

#NAGO #ThePeoplesConvoy #RiseUp #PutTheBrakesOnTheMandates #PatriotsRising

**Disclaimer: For participation it is a requirement to be Peaceful, Respectful, and Fully Law Abiding. NAGO sponsored/supported events are family friendly events – your safety is the top priority – the inability to abide by the requirements will result in immediate disassociation and up to contacting local law enforcement.

March 1st
The People’s Convoy – Nebraska

_____ Speaker Videos _____

From Western Regional Organizer, Patti Barnt :

It was an amazing experience traveling across the state, seeing patriots waving flags, honking, waving, giving thumbs up to our message. Over 250 people attended the rally in Lincoln not counting the 4 protesters across the street who tried to be disruptive but the sound of honking horns of cars driving past drowned out their voices as the truth was released into the atmosphere and freedom prevailed. The outpouring of generosity from everyone who donated items for the truckers was beyond our wildest expectations. Our Nebraska truckers are well stocked for their trip. The almost semi load left over will be sent with the Midwest Convoy passing through on Friday. I’m not even going to try to tag everyone who planned and participated in today’s events. I want to give a big shout out the Kearney PD and State Patrol who helped keep everyone safe and directed to where we needed to be. Sapp Bros in York also deserves a huge thank you. They welcomed our group and the huge American flag that was brought in on a crane. Petro was fine with taking our money but the upper level managers refused to allow the crane and flag to park at their location. I will be stopping at Sapp Bros in York when I pass through from now on.

As patriots loaded up cars and trucks to transport the supplies, one of the protesters came and helped. He agreed that everyone is entitled to an opinion and there is somewhere in the middle where we can meet. šŸ’—

God is at work changing lives, communities and nations! God Bless and Protect our truckers and all the ordinary men and women who are risking everything to stand against the overearching. Emergency Act and mandates!

Amazing job NEBRASKANS! The main focus of this statewide event was to collect donations to support the national efforts and our Patriots going on to join them.

Thank you each and every one of you whom helped out in Allie’s absence. The support and teamwork displayed is exactly why we will continue to preserve our liberties and halt the government overreach!!!

March 3rd & 4th
Midwest Freedom Convoy with TPC – Nebraska

On March 4th Nebraskans came together from all corners of the state to stand for medical freedom! Nebraskans Against Government Overreach and many other individuals came together to support the American Freedom Convoy as they traveled to DC in order to halt the mandate agenda. They made major stops on the 3rd in Big Springs, NE, for a huge rally, and the 4th in Grand Island! Both communities were absolutely successful as leaders of NAGO and local businesses provided all the support needed and then some. The generosity of Nebraskans was OVERWHELMING! So much so that NAGO, Freedom Rally USA, Nebraskans for Health Freedom and others have made community donations to local charities and shelters. In Omaha we were able to make a generous item donation to Catholic Charities.

Super shout out to Brittany Hitchcock from CO for the AWESOME behind the wheel footage!!!

Americans everywhere are rising up and NAGO is ready to show up and preserve our liberties FOREVER & ALWAYS!

#PutTheBreaksOnTheMandates #NAGO #FreedomForAll #PreservingOurLiberty


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It’s time to stand for our freedoms and against the mandate agenda. We are a Free Country, Free People, and we will Unite in Our Efforts to Protect our Rights.

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