Immediate action NEEDED!!!

🚨 IMMEDIATE CALL TO ACTION 🚨We posted this Sunday… today, we show you exactly the type of material this bill will permit.We MUST show a force of OPPOSITION. 👇👇👇 LB 88 – “Protect free speech rights of student journalists and student media advisers” “As much as we would like to support such a bill, thisContinue reading “Immediate action NEEDED!!!”

Help END What the Government Won’t!

Dear NAGO Members, We are beginning our Petition to End the Mask Mandate in Omaha, NE, starting on April 8th of 2021, lasting until April 28th of 2021. We will need 154 volunteers willing to dedicate their time to obtaining 100 signatures each. NAGO will provide talking points and simple statements to encourage our communityContinue reading “Help END What the Government Won’t!”

Call to Action – Proposed Health Standards, NE Department of Education

Okay, NE Parents. Here is what is being proposed. A team member called already and talked to the state department of education and this is in fact accurate. They had educators write these standards. We need to GET LOUD! Here are the details you need to know: 1.This a draft. The next state board ofContinue reading “Call to Action – Proposed Health Standards, NE Department of Education”

NAGO is Growing

Nebraskans Against Government Overreach is quickly growing and networking with the many other Freedom-Loving groups across Nebraska! It has become imperative that the citizens across this great state UNITE in Freedom as the agenda to end this great Nation as we know it is continues to encroach on our everyday lives. However, many people areContinue reading “NAGO is Growing”